"WE" Do not have a new Pope!

I cannot keep from being agrivatedly amused at the way the media dances around. In many areas they claim and insist that they are unbiased when it comes to religion. They decry and denounce any connection to God or Christianity. They insist that they are neutral when it comes to religion.
  Well the other day I just happened to be tuned to a major network, when they switched to a reporter on the scene in Rome. This unbiased reporter reported in the following statement and I quote, "We have a new pope!" He was so excited to see the white smoke coming out of the chimney of the vatican and was elated to be on the scene. After that incident, throughout the day and into the evening news, the statement was the same, "We have a new pope."
  The truth of the matter is that there are a whole lot of us out here that do not have a new pope. We are deeply offended to be associated with a pope. Some of us even are persuaded that this pope or one like him will probably be the anti-christ. He claims to be the Vicar of Christ in other words he stands in the place of Jesus Christ. When he speaks "EX Cathedra", then he is speaking for God, according to Catholic doctrine. Of course there are a lot of American Catholics who do not believe that themselves.
  All of the doctrines of the Catholic church are error, because they are based upon the mass. The Catholic church teaches that holy communion is the only way that a catholic can retain his eternal life. That wafer is the literal body of Jesus Christ and must be continously replaced and replenished by communion. This is absolute error and nullifies the catholic faith as being redemptive. Any person who believes that the wafer or for that matter water baptism, is necessary for salvation cannot be headed for Heaven! Anyone who teaches this error is not a true messenger of the Gospel. He or she is guilty of preaching another gospel. The pope is guilty of giving false information regarding the new birth. He is surely sending multitudes to a Godless Hell. The salvation that he promotes is directly connected to his church and his church is indeed a harlot church. Most of its doctrines and trappings are left over from the pagan city of Pergamos that was the heart of pagan worship even before the time of Jesus Christ. The worship of Mary has its roots in the worship of Dianna, the mother god.
  The very official uniform of the pope was originated by the worshippers of dagon, the fish god.
Maybe that is why good Catholics eat fish on Friday.

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