What's So Special?

  A few days ago, our little country town experienced what might be called a gala event. The local reportoire company wanted to raise some funds to support our self made community theater. Obviously I did not attend but since they had blocked off a street leading to my Church, I couldn't avoid seeing the relatively lavish decorations of two large tents set up in the middle of the street in front of the theater. I am not sure when the gala event took place, but the newspaper splashed it on front page. It was referred to as a "Boots & Tie" affair. I am not sure what that meant. Maybe I don't have all the culture I thought I had. Anyway, the large newspaper photo was of the serving table which was covered with hors d'oeuvres etc to the hilt. The guests were caught filling their saucers and their faces with the goodies. The article said that they even had wine tasting. (Is that a sly way of getting around breaking ordinances against serving liquor without a license?)
  I need to get to a point before I am accused of pretending that this is a Church bulletin. The point is a actually a sore point with me. Macon is a farming community. At least most of the population of the town are connected to a farm in one way or another. I know only a few full time farmers. For the last 20 years I have kept asking the question, "Why don't folks around here dress up for Church?" The staid answer goes something like this, "We don't want to give the impression that one has to have nice clothes to come to Church." I agree in principle, but I don't actually believe that is true. I have noticed that for special occasions, such as a wine tasting,hors d'oeuvres eating, theater supporting gala and such like around Macon, people will show up in some pretty fancy duds. These same folks would otherwise wear faded blue jeans and a logo'd tee-shirt giving the impression that they were poor as church mice.
  I don't want to make dressing nice a criteria for our Church, because I do not want anyone to stay away because of fashion. Also I don't want to make people do anything they don't want to do themselves for God unless it is clear in Scripture.
  On the other hand, I believe God's house deserves the same or better respect that a gala deserves. I believe that if one would dress up for a wedding, or a funeral, or a political fund raiser, then that same one should dress up to attend God's house. If a farmer gets done milking 10 minutes before Church, then I would welcome milk clothes to Church. But if he gets done an hour before services, then he should dress appropriate to meet God.
  I have often thought that we dress up for special occasions and we dress casual when we are casual.

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