For the Testimony Of Jesus Christ

As John passed numberless days on the isle of Patmos, it is evident that he had not gone there on vacation, nor was he there on an evangelistic mission. He had been sentenced there because of the Word and theTestimony of Jesus Christ. (Revelation 1:9)
 We are not given details of the courtroom or council meeting that sentenced him. He reveals only those two things to be the cause. It is not likely that he was printing illegal Bibles or that he was mis-interpreting the Bible. He and Peter had before confessed that they could only preach what they had seen and heard. (Acts 4)It was obvious that John was faithfully preaching the Word of God.
 From what I can see and understand from the Scriptures and historians that simply preaching anything was not in itself a crime punishable by exile. I believe a closer study of John's statement, joined with the traditional documents of His life would lay the kinship of his testimony directly involved in his sentence. What is a testimony? First it is declarations and verbal statements of what a person has witnessed and believes. The higher the impact of an experience, the more animated the testifyer will be.
 All substantiating proof of an experience will enhance the testimony. That which is spoken will create more attention if there is life changing alterations to back up that which is spoken. Testimony that is supported by witnesses and fellow testifyers is stronger and will have a greater influence upon hearers and eyewitnesses. The testimony cannot remain, unless there is a coincidental life action. The testimony cannot be upheld without conscious attention to truth. Our testimony is very fragile. It can only last as long as the voice matches the actions and both conform to the expected norm. In the Christian experience, the expected norm is the authority of the Bible itself. A Christian can easily destroy their testimony, with one lie or a bad attitude. The sad thing is that if they mar their own testimony, they also mar the testimony of Jesus Christ.
  If we match our voice and our life action. If we rise above the fear of man, if we find complete confidence in God's presence, and if we commit to be faithful to Jesus; then we will face a incredulous world. That world is rapidly returning to the animosities that the early believers experienced. John was exiled to the isle of Patmos because he preached and lived the life that he knew was right before God. It is amazing that sometimes we suffer from the hands of people who know we are right.

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