The World is Drawing Farther Away From God

Sometimes it seems that our galaxy is actually moving farther and farther away from the place it was created.Though I know this is not really true and actually very impossible to get away from God, still that is what it feels like to me. It seems more and more of my fellow citizens of our beautiful Country have begun to behave as though there is no God. They have no place for Church in their lives, and even if they go to Church, they usually pick one that does not preach the Bible totally.
 Individuals act like there is no God, no Heaven and no Hell. Well they do mention Hell in their conversation when they are upset and occasionally use the phrase, "Jesus Christ!" at a moment of exasperation, but it is pretty evident that they do not relate either term to the reality of a living God.
 It is surprising how quickly a society can forget the things of a Holy God. Their lives show the decay of faith. Most marriages fail, primarily because husbands and wives do not know what God created marriage for. Most kids are growing up to rebel against their parents and everything else because parents don't know or don't want to raise their Children the way God intended. We have entered into an age when material things are more desired and held than spiritual things. Material things cause us to put the things of God aside. The average person does not have a clue as to what they are missing.They know they are missing something, so they try to fill the void with drugs, alcohol or entertainment. All these are readily available in our Godless world and easily attained, but each one has a horrible side effect.... they destroy lives.
 Churches who used to be considered beneficial institutions have become ostracized by our modern society. Not only have people gotten away from God, but now consider God an enemy... at least the true God.Multitudes are now designing their own personal god. Some have even decided to be their own god. False Churches have changed course in order to appeal to the worshippers of false gods. Rather than expect change in a follower of the true God, they change god into good luck charm. According to the Bible, the Word of God in Romans Chapter one, we find proof of what this article says. Because we have not worshipped God as God when we knew better, He has turned us over to a reprobate mind.
 Unbelievable wickedness has invaded our society and we cannot see that God has not left us, we have left Him.

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