On Blowing Up a Church

  In recent days, we are hearing more of bombs blowing up things and people in places that must have meaning to the people who are detonating the bombs. The Moslem lovers are worried and the media is loving every minute of it. The rest of this article may leave you disappointed and unfulfilled because it has nothing to do with c4 or dynamite. But I believe it deals with things far more deadly.

  Daily I am hearing reports from friends and missionaries about Churches that are being blown up around our country. I am talking about Churches that have kept the faith and stayed true to the Word of God for years and years, are suddenly being blown up.

  There is a Church in Texas that has been one of the strongest, fundamental Baptist Churches in that part of the country that has actually had several young preachers come out of its midst to become pastors of good fundamental Churches. This Church recently had a man slip in under false pretenses. They thought he would lead them down the same successful God honoring path they have followed for some 60 years. But, he has thrown bombs in several areas already. He is lowering the standards of dress for Church. He has introduced Contemptible Christian rock. He is systematically replacing Godly and faithful members with people who will support his changes. Godly people are walking out of the Church and he disdains them with the attitude of, "I don't need them anyway!"

  Some good preachers would perhaps defend a preacher who came into a dead church with live ideas, but that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about active Soul winning, sin hating, devil fighting fundamental Baptist Churches being attacked by liberal preachers that are pragmatically destroying everything that is right, true and good.They are so intent in bringing in TBN theology that everything holy is being blown out.

  I did say theology in the last paragraph didn't I? Now I know that I am treading dangerously close to discovering the source of these bombers. Most of them insist that they are doctrinely the same as the Church that they are entering. They boast of graduating from one of the old schools of fundamental Baptist Faith, but what a lot of Churches do not realize is that many of those schools have been comandeered by sleeper cells. Their chorus sounds like this."We are the new generation. Old things must pass away. Tried and true just does not measure up to the needs of the population today. Change is good."

  They sing this for about 7 or 11 times in a row.


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