The following article has been copied from a letter written by a very dedicated and committed Christian lady. I have just finished directing a Separated Youth Camp where many ladies still don't get the message. I am grateful that they try to switch to what they believe to be culottes, and many of them look like culottes in the front. But the ladies do not see what men look for from the rear! Please read this article prayerfully, then ask yourself the question, "Do I really wear clothing that would honor the Lord or do I wear clothing that reveals the sexual attraction to the opposite sex?"

Ladies I thought it might be good to talk about the women in pants issue from a womanís perspective. I donít think it should be a divisive issue, but I also think the pastor needs to preach modesty and separation as God lays it on his heart. The Bible says that the word is revealed to us through preaching (Titus 1:3). We definitely donít want to be like they were in the days of the prophets when men of God proclaimed Godís judgment and they tried to shut them up. We have been blessed with a pastor who does not try to win a popularity contest, but preaches what God lays on his heart. We would know we had a fleshly preacher if he wanted admiration and praise of men. Ladies this world is an evil place and if you donít think so itís because you are too carnal to see it. We are admonished in Godís word to have the mind of Christ and come apart from the world. I am of the mindset if something is popular in this world I better examine it closely because it is probably evil.

Women wearing pants has only come to be accepted in our society in the past 50 years. If you think about when women really started wearing pants it was in the late 60ís and early 70ís during the sexual revolution and during the feminist movement Then during the 80ís came along Gloria Vanderbilt, Bill Blass, and Calvin Klein. Designer jeans were in and the tighter the better. The commercials for these jeans showed lots of girlís backsides. These girls had every curve and crease revealed and the guys loved to examine a girl walking away from them. It is no different today. Iíve seen very few pairs of pants on a woman that would be modest. Most all of them show the contour of a womanís bottom and the V where her legs meet. To deny that this is appealing to the eye of a man is to deny nature, which is just what the homosexuals would like to do. Yes I think that men also look at women in skirts and dresses, but letís hope a woman is accentuating her face, hair, and clothing and not her bottom.

Speaking of homosexuals, another reason that this issue has touched my heart is that there is a great blurring of the lines between men and women. Women have become so masculine, that I think they intimidate some men. Ladies I love being a woman and I love men to be strong and act like men. I think we do a great disservice to ourselves when we feminize our boys and husbands. Also when we teach our girls to be masculine. God made women and men different. What a blessing!! Of course itís just like this world to want to corrupt and degrade the blessings of God.

As a Mother it has become very important to me to have my girls in modest apparel. When they are in the world I want it to be very apparent they are not of the world. I donít want boys looking at their backsides. Maybe this seems extreme to some. I donít think so. When you look at how our society has degenerated in the past 50 years it is not extreme. Our society has gotten extremely ungodly. I donít think it is legalism. I donít think anyone is saved or not based on what they wear. I do think that whether a person chooses to submit to God or follow the standards of the world is apparent in what they wear. Remember ďStraight is the gait and narrow is the way... and few there be that find itĒ If people think all these worldly churches around us are filled with saved people who are following God, I think they are mistaken. The Bible says few will follow. Probably also few will truly come apart from this world. When the Bible talks about liberty and grace it also says not to use this to justify our flesh.

Ladies I struggled with this issue for years. I prayed about it because when the pastor would preach on it I wanted to submit to God. I ask you too to pray that God would show you what is right. Also I have always prayed that God would speak to my heart through the pastorís preaching. If youíre getting convicted on this issue and you are getting angry and defensive it is not the preacher you are angry at. Are you carnal, worldly, prideful, or rebellious? It might be a heart issue. Remember Jeremiah 17:9, our heart is deceitful above all things. Donít count on your feelings to guide you, we sinful people can easily lie to ourselves. Sincerely ask God to shine his light on your heart and examine it. We must pray and trust God to lead us in the right direction. I pray that God will lead the pastor in how to preach on this issue, and that he will continue to follow God and not try to placate his congregation. I hope we donít let little issues divide us. There are lost souls who need to know Godís mercy and salvation.

Please note that I have been placing commentaries on this site since 2001 and this is the first one on this particular subject.
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