First off, It is common for Pastors and some members of small Churches to accuse big Churches of compromising something in order to get crowds. The truth is that is not always true. It is pretty obvious that the largest religious organization in the world that claims to preach Christ, has used unscrupulous methods and means to become the monstrosity that it is. But there are some solid Baptist Churches in various places around the world that have and are reaching vast multitudes for Christ.
  This article is not an argument approving small crowds or specifying that a Church has to be small. This article is about results.
  When Jesus left this world, being caught up in a cloud he did not leave behind a mega Church. In fact, the crowd that he did leave was still for the most part scattered. Paul testifies that the number of witnesses to the resurrection was about 500. Fifty days later when the Holy Spirit arrived on schedule, then the heavenly spring gushed forth and thousands began to believe.
  The Book of Acts is a cronological account of what happened in the early days of the apostolic ministry without the physical presence of Jesus.
  Since the days of the only Apostles, history records where cities, towns, countries and nations have experienced momentary revival. Churches and movements have sometimes been born literally overnight as people received Christ and banded and bonded in Christ.
  I think that the sure test of success in a Church or in a Christian's life is results. That result is usually measured in numbers or accumulation of necessities, but numbers and accumulations are at best temporary.<
  I believe the true definition of results must include faithfulness and stability.
  In other words, you can get a crowd to assemble under various pretenses or programs.The results are whether you have to use pretense or program to keep the crowd. Obviously, this article is about building a Church. There is a word that is used to describe an independent Baptist Church.That word is,"autonomous" drawn out in three other terms, "self-supporting, self-governing,and self-propogating."
  Results is determined by what happens within that gathered crowd. Are they curiousity seekers? Are they there because of demand or order.Or are they there at their own calling. Do they admit and recognize that the work of the Church is the only manifestation of their inner faith in serving Christ Jesus, the Lord.

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