Saved! Saved!

  Anyone who has a complete and reliable understanding of the redemption of sinful men by a holy God knows that salvation is a one time only event in a person's life. It is not possible to be saved more than one time. There is no way to be lost again after salvation. We do not and cannot save ourselves. We cannot and do not determine the conditions of our salvation. This is entirely God's business.
  He doesn't save us because we are good. He doesn't save us because we are religious. He doesn't save us because we are predestinated? He saves us because he loved us so much that he sent His Son to die on Calvary for our sins. That salvation is offered to sinners who will admit to their sin and confess Christ. Salvation is not a continual state that is supported by faith or works. It is a permanent state that is generated by the power of God that continues by his covenant.We can not lose our salvation because it is not ours to lose.
  With the above being said, now let us consider why it is that many Christians suddenly get saved. It is extremely important to say right here, that eternity is determined by what we do in this life. It is imperative that soul salvation be settled completely.
  Some people make professions when they are young for various reasons,some being legitimate. But as they grow older and sit under the teaching of God's Word, they begin to realize that they actually do not possess the life of God. They struggle with the question of possession versus profession. If they conclude that they are truly lost and on their way to hell then they will make their way to the altar and get down to business with God.
  I don't believe that there is a doubt that there are many Christian members of Churches that actually do not have the life of God in their soul. They show up just in time to attend the services or Church functions that they want to attend. They drop a dollar in the offering plate. They are careful not to be cornered for special service within the Church. They are not faithful enough to teach a class, not committed enough to volunteer for the nursery, and wouldn't dream of driving the van. It is somebody else's job to clean the Church and mow the grass.
  They might come to a work day if a meal is to be served. They get uncomfortable when the preacher preaches about their sin. They threaten to quit the Church over minor differences or confrontations. If they do tithe, they make sure it is used for their own intention in the Church.
  When a person is truly saved, they become actively involved in God's house and God's perfect will.
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