Is My Faith Holding When My House is destroyed?

  The maladies of life are experienced by both Christians and non-Christians. Cancer strikes ungodly and Godly people alike. A hurricane destroys the home of a Baptist and the house next door that belongs to a Catholic.
  Is God asleep while tornadoes destroy a fundamental Baptist Church?
  It happened a couple of years ago to a good Baptist Church in South Missouri. It happened on a Sunday night. The members rushed down stairs while the tornado blew their sanctuary to bits, including some priceless portions of ancient Bibles.
  While I am writing this I am thinking of two dear Christian friends are struggling desparately against the stealthy disease of cancer.
  God has determined in the overall picture of things not to reveal himself sufficiently, that Christians would fare better lives than non Christians. In other words, if word got out that no Baptist ever contracted cancer, there would be a rush of people trying to get into Baptist Churches. That scenario applies to Heaven also. God has given His promises in His Word. The only way we can benefit from his Grace is by faith in his Word. We can offer no other proof of his presence or power outside the Bible's promises.
  Just about any Christian who has walked through the valleys of life doesn't need proof of God's provision, power or protection. And I am not talking intangibles! Tornadoes have jumped over Christians' homes, Cancer has disappeared from Christians' bodies, Unexpected money has appeared in the mailbox of believers. No one would ever be able to persuade those who experienced those events that God was not involved. However not one of those who have experienced actual miracles can pass one proof on to a lost individual that God is real. When God said that, "preaching is the power of God unto salvation", he meant it. All we have to prove God is an infallible book.
  Our problem in this age is that men have tried to duplicate that book. Men have changed that book. Men have written lies to discredit that book. And more than any thing else, "the natural man receiveth not the things of God."
  When believers face disease or death, they simply place their life into the precious hands of Jesus. The worst in this life is the best in the life to come. When a believer faces poverty, he already knows that God has always provided and He still can. When a believer stands on the concrete foundation of his house that has blown to smithereens, he can still sing, "This world is not my home, I am just passing through."

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