Katrina & Rita were the Government's Fault!

  For the past month, the media has been focused upon two windstorms.
  First, Katrina came in and virtually wiped out a major portion of the Gulf Coast near and in New Orleans. It seemed to target the section where black people lived, for they were the majority of talking heads on the tv interviews. Almost all of the TV program hosts immediately jumped on President George Bush because he didn't really seem to care about the hurting people along the Gulf. He was so slow in reacting to the disaster. He was chided because he had not set FEMA into action days before the hurricane hit. The media pressured him into loosing the head of FEMA. They badgered him into promising $250 billion dollars that the government will ultimately provide for recovery. Of course the media wants him to take the money from that which has been budgeted for Iraq.
  Obviously this article is written with the power of hind sight and with the ability to weigh the responses to a hurricane that has passed and one that is about to fizzle out. I have the advantage of witnessing a major change in public policy of our government. All the other major hurricanes of my lifetime, Carla, Andrew, Hugo were never directly treated like the current ones are supposed to be treated. Homestead, Florida must be watching with great interest on what George Bush is being made to do about Katrina and Rita and for New Orleans, Biloxi and Beaumont.
  One thing has jumped up and revealed itself very plainly as a result of the major loss of life and support in the Gulf coast area. That fact is that Church Based aid was first and foremost prevalent in every area of need. The Red Cross and Salvation Army seemed to wind up where the media directed them to show up. Also the inept local politicians were followed so closely by the media, that their humanity and some of their self interest was exposed. It seems like a lot of money that was sent by the federal government to prevent such disasters never reached its designation or was misused. Insurance companies were found out in their sly ways of excluding flooding as a payable claim. I wonder how many gullible people bought insurance along that Gulf Coast, thinking they were fully covered, but lost out to a clause.
  Every subject we could include in this commentary on the storms has to have the ultimate conclusion. God is still in Charge of this world and man cannot resist his powers. Catastrophes should remind us that the Lord is able to save us from natural and spiritual disasters.
  Jesus Christ is still the answer.

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