Dead Men Tell no Lies!

  Once again the world is shocked to find out that a polititian has lied. The media and the opposing political party kept digging until they caught a culprit. They show the pretext of being so shocked to find someone who would lie while working in the White House.
Imagine that!
  I wonder what would happen if the President appointed a cabinet member to continually search out liars in Washington D.C. Not just the government, but leading Newspapers, T.V. networks, radio networks, magazine publishers and perhaps people on the street. I know there would be Help Wanted ads everywhere looking for Public Prosecutors and Counselors.
  The really sad part of this is that Scooter Lippy will be the hot subject of media outlets for weeks or months ahead, while important news will be neglected. Of course an occasional Tsunami, earthquake or hurricane might divert their attention briefly, but hollywood and the White House would still dominate as leading news stories. Pregnant harlots in Hollywood and Conservative Republicans have scabs of reporters breathing down their necks 24 hours a day.
  Liars dominate our world as long as Satan dominates our world. Jesus said that he is the father of lies. Jesus said that certain ones of the human population are childrren of the devil and the rest of us are targets of his deceptions. As long as we live in this world we are forced to navigate through the lies of our world.
  The true believer hates lies like God hates lies. The true believer knows that lying is a terrible sin because lies normally hurt someone. Yet, in spite of that our culture excuses lying as being a natural way of life. They will teach college classes that ultimately conclude that everyone will lie in certain conditions. It has been proven that good natured people will lie rather than hurt a friend's feelings. It has been proven that some people will lie when they feel that truth will do more damage than a lie. Many are comfortable with lying for good.
  Anyone who says that they have never told a lie, has told at least two. If you are a deep thinker, you will realize all other sins incorporate lies to some extent.
  The believer hates lies and cannot live peacefully while harboring a lie. A lie has to have other lies to sustain.
  God says in Revelation 21:8 that all liars will wind up in the lake of fire. Where does your destiny lie?

  Jesus loves liars enough to die on the cross for each one of them who will accept. That is marvelous grace!
  Why do people refuse to let him be the truth?


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