Civil Rights

  Many people are bemoaning the fact that America is being controlled by lawyers. That is not exactly true. America is being controlled by misinterpreted Civil Rights Laws. The lawyers and judges are just the enactors of what the Supreme Court says is law:

  One woman took away prayer out of our schools.
  One woman was used to legalize the murder of the pre-born.
  One man has taken away the focus of disease from G.R.I.D.S. to A.I.D.S.
  Now one man is on a crusade to injure the Pledge of Allegiance.
  Now one man is threatening the phrase "In God We Trust" on American Currency.

  Civil Rights are being interpreted by the Supreme Court to mean one person's rights overrule the rights of the majority.
  The founding of the United States Government, was based upon one mutually agreed Constitution. We came together because that Constitution guaranteed our freedoms that enabled us to co-exist in this new land. Any time that a problem arose that infringed upon a segment of our population, an amendment was added to that Constitution. Freedoms of speech was guaranteed and at the same time freedom from a government run religion was guaranteed. All the future admendments addressed problems that were apparent to the whole population even though some of them were passed under duress.
  The sixties brought a new focus on the power of the Constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court. Our government had been set up into three parts to insure that the Constitution would be upheld. The Congress would enact laws, the president would approve those laws, and the Courts would enforce those laws. Our history is replete with the confrontations of those three and it has been healthy confrontations which contribute to a balanced nation. But there was a problem in bringing the public into acceptance of some things. It took years for women to be allowed the constitutional freedoms. The blacks were also denied their equal standing in most communities of America. Prejudice reigned. So the Congress was called upon to enact laws that would fill in the gaps to insure all Americans equality. Women were given their equality by sufferage laws. The blacks then became the focus of disparity. They too had to fight for their equality. Bitterness in some women and some blacks for the past inequalities, is still the root of friction in our society today.

  The Civil Rights legislation began to center upon individuals when individuals wanted to be classified as classes. Organizations began to form so that they could petition the government with their grieviences. They felt their rights were not being addressed. At the same time the Supreme Court itself began to focus away from the majority and toward the individual cases that were being brought to them. Civil Rights made up most of their cases.
  Sexual perverts were drawn into unity and began to petition the Courts for their civil rights. Civil Rights that were due the women and blacks were reinterpreted to apply to homosexuals and athiests. Discrimination laws were brought to congress and congressmen, some of which had openly admitted their sexual choice introduced bills and laws that gave more recognition to the homosexuals. Hollywood, a sexually perverted world, lended its support to the passing of laws and the general acceptance of perversion.
  In recent years, individuals have been able to singularly approach the Supreme Court using Civil Rights laws and are winning cases that ignore the will of the majority. Religion and moral standards are the primary target of most of the Civil Rights cases that are being heard today.
  We as a nation will not look ahead to see what the current trends will lead to. Transvestites, Islam, pedofiles and tree huggers are right now taking advantage of the Supreme Courts belief that it can interpret the Constitution the way it wants for the rights of individuals over the majority.
  Christians are able to see the outcome of our trends because of the Bible. God knows the future and he knows the way of men. He has told us that the world's condition will worsen as mankind fights to over rule Him.
  We must make our voices heard loud and clear as we warn our world of its wicked path. We must extend our compassionate hands and hearts toward those who can be rescued from this destructive path.

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