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Body Parts

  The Bible has much to say about the people of God. In every dispensation, God has worked through his people in showing the World his handiwork.
  The New Testament opens with the Gospels, detailing God's wonderful gift of His Son to a sinful World. Jesus spent his earthly life and ministry setting up a plan whereby He could physically continue his work even though he himself could not be seen; at least in body.
  However, after he physically left, he had designated an absolute substitute for his literal body. This was a local New Testament Baptist Church. Every community on this earth should be influenced by one of these Churches.
  After the Gospels and Jesus' ascension, the Bible began to describe the operations of the Churches of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul came on the scene and God used his life as the authority of that early spread of Churches. There are many verses and passages that give positive and direct instructions as to how a true Church should operate. But, Paul, in 1 Corinthians Chapter 12 brings to the forefront the actual description and detail of what a Church really is.
  It is a body! It is the body of Christ of which he is the head. It is a body made up of individual parts. These parts are human beings. Human beings who have been truly born of the spirit of God. Any so called Church that is not made up of truly born again believers, is just a religious club. Any members of a Church that are not born again are not truly members of the body of Christ. Pauls description in Corinthians is so vivid that he leaves no doubt that each member of that body has a particular place to fill. He lists in the first part of chapter 12 some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that are evident in the ministry of that Church. Then he adds to that more explicit terms of what individuals are in that body. He uses the analogy of eyes, ears, hands and feet. He shows that not everyone can be the same thing, nor can anyone be what they want to be as part of that body. That is the job of the Holy Spirit. He makes the decision as to who will be the part and what parts are needed. It is clear though that the body is made up of willing subjects. In other words, God does not use anyone as a body part unless that person has truly given himself or herself to the Lord, body and spirit. I am not speaking of people who give lip service, but of people who actually lay their lives on the line for God. When you have lain your life on the line for God, you are willing to be an arm or the little toe. Whatever God wants. You will fill that place and be faithful to it. You will be a body part. You will be a part of the body. You will harmonize with the whole.

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