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A Little Bit Won't Hurt

  This statement is like a fuse that will lead to a major explosion of some kind. I believe that just about any person who has found themself in dire cicumstances which has resulted from decisions, will remember that the title statement was made by someone involved. A sip of booze can and does lead many to the pit of drunkenness. A lottery ticket can and does lead many to financial ruin and despair. A taste of a chemical can and does lead to total addiction.
  These facts are the driving truth that causes preachers to preach against "sin for a season." One sip of beer is not going to make a person drunk or a drunk. However there are two mitigating circumstances that forbids a true believer from sipping a beer.
  First of all a little bit will hurt. and secondly, a sip of beer helps keep beer on the table so that addicts have access to it. there is also the place of testimony. If a believer is seen taking a sip of beer, an observer doesn't know whether or not the believer is a drunk. By the way drunkards cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.

  I want to switch gears a little bit.(Pun intended.) Lets look at a larger picture. A serious student of Church history will show a gradual decline in standards of behaviour for believers. We have ample printed material in books and records that describe the protocol and beliefs of Churches and Christians of the past. When that is compared to the protocol and beliefs of Churches and Christians of today then the pattern shows a steady but definite change.
  Sadly there are some aspects of yesterdays Churches that clearly were beyond Scriptural base. Those were the things that opened doors to change. Now we are in a freefall. There is no end or way to end this freefall. Each succeeding generation have their part in the little bits of change.

  As far as I am concerned, I see the falling away has been caused from several sources. First and foremost the influence of Hollywood has had the greater impact on Believers as well as the World itself. Secondly, I use the term "TBN" syndrome. This has heavily influenced all Churches and believers. The true ministry and working of the Holy Spirit has been replaced by a fleshly display of false holiness and Biblical doctrines have been replaced by the prosperity gospel of feel good emotion. Finally; it is evident that the average Christian does not study the Word of God personally. They are not true to the Word of God. They are more likely to be influenced by current fads and trends.
  All of this has been orchestrated by Satan himself,
a little bit at a time.
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