On Being Stedfast & Unmoveable

Paul the apostle ends Chapter 15 of 1 Corinthians with explicit definition of how God is going to get us from here to Heaven. It is exciting to read from verse 51 on.
Then in verse 58 he makes a directly related statement:
"Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.."
Two of the three admonitions in this verse have to do with sticking by the stuff and sticking by the truth. This is related to always abounding in the work of the Lord! A simple way to define "always Abounding" is that we are doing a top job for God.
  Stedfast speaks to the attribute of sticking by the plan and theme of the Lord's will for our life. Being constant in what we do and what we say. Being consistent in what we do and what we say. Being faithful and loyal to the place and responsibilities that we have been given by the Lord. Bible Study, Prayer, Witnessing & faithful attendance in Church services and activities. People who cannot be counted on for duties in Church cannot be stedfast. People who simply warm pews cannot be seen as stedfast. They are easily distracted from a stedfast walk for Christ, by events and occasions this world offers. If a Christian is going to be stedfast, then he or she will establish a consistent norm of Christian service.

  Then we now come to the word, "unmoveable" in our text. It sounds and could be directly related to stedfast, but that would mean redundancy in the Word of God. God's Word is never redundant... repetitive maybe.. but never redundant. If God repeats something then it is doubly important.
  Unmoveable has the conotation that you have found a place to stand and you will not be moved. Some Christians mistakenly believe that refers to "their pew!" I am sorry, but that is not what verse 58 is saying. It refers to a position of faith or a position of conviction or both. It is imperative that a Baptist build upon Jesus Christ, the only foundation. The Word of God supplies materials with which to build upon that foundation. If the building is solid and conforms to the Word of God then we find that others of like faith are building like structures. We find strength and consistency in the truth of God's Word. Once we have seen the will of God then we stop looking, and fretting about the offerings and suppositions of false doctrine. We are no longer children swept away with the strange doctrines that never stop being invented by Satan himself.


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