Bye! Bye! Buy By American

  My morning news broadcaster woke me up this morning with the news that Ford Motor Company has decided to close several of its stateside plants and lay off thousands of employees. I may be mistaken and I may not really have a handle on America's economy, but in my book this really spells trouble and will have a land slide effect.
  The reason I am dealing with this subject, is that I believe that God is judging the nation of America. I say this keenly aware that I may be placed in the same cage that Pat Robertson has been put in because of his remarks about Israel's Prime Minister, Sharon. By the way I think Pat Robertson just might be right in this particular instance. Anyway back to the subject at hand.
  For a long time now you and I have been vaguely aware that more and more products that were made in the good old USA in the past are now being shipped to us from Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil and even Communist China. There is not hardly one electronic gadget that is completely made in the USA. Most of our kitchen appliances are made elsewhere and shipped into the USA. It has been wonderful that Americans have been affluent enough to afford these products. But am I just totally disconnected from reality when I say that these good times are coming to an end. My thinking is that we Americans have money, because we earned it the hard way, by working. We have so much work that we have to have alien helpers come accross the border from Mexico to get it all done.
  Meanwhile the average working man or woman in America has been steadily demanding more in their weekly paycheck. Employers have negotiated, bartered, and merged as they try to keep up with the demands of American workforce. Quietly and steadily the workforces of other nations have risen in their abilities and productions to where big business has begun to realize they can have their products made in one of these foreign countries much cheaper than they can in America. So there is a steady switch from "Made in America", to "Made in someplace else."
  The consumer in America barely heard the employees of Zenith when they were layed off as Zenith moved to Mexico. The Consumers didn't even notice when Toastmaster abandoned hundreds of employees in Missouri and set up shop in China. Americans are in a deep sleep. They are dreaming of buying that Subaru or that Honda. They have no idea that they are about to be hit with a economic tsunami. They can't see God's hand working as he always does, first in mercy and grace, then in drought crop failures and financial troubles. Society breakdown is part of the last list of the ways He judges.


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