Who Needs Him?

  There are so many wonderful things in the Bible, and there are benefits that many times are not readily seen in Bible accounts. The diamond that I pick out today is the scene in the garden where Mary has come seeking the body of Jesus. "Supposing him to be the gardner..." She asked the unrecognized Jesus if he would just tell her where the body of Jesus was. She was ready to carry that body herself to a safe place. I imagine her to be a small woman, totally not strong enough to carry a man's body.
  Now to the point. Mary loved Jesus. She carried a deep appreciation of him. She knew his grace. She knew his undescribable forgiveness. She knew his acceptance of her. She needed him!
  Any and all records of real revivals in Christian history reveal some account of a small group of people who find themselves jointly seeking God's face. These accounts usually detail and describe the hearts of the seekers. In every case, they are not looking for or seeking signs or wonders. They are not seeking some work of God. They are not seeking gifts or even blessings of God. They are seeking God. God himself. It has always been these seekers who have suddenly become overcome with deep contrition of their sinful and unworthy condition before a holy and righteous God. They meet together, not for services, not for fellowship, not for food, not even for preaching, but for time with God.
  The Bible opens an interesting door and a personal invitation from the Lord himself in 2 Chronicles 7:14. God was instructing Solomon in personal devotions.He uses the phrase, "seek my face." Do we miss God's blessings today because we are more interested in getting things from God than we are finding God. Are we more committed to doing things for God than we are committed to allow God to do through us. Do we really understand what the scripture means in John 14:6 that reads, " no man cometh to God, but by me." Does that say cometh to Heaven? Does that say cometh to salvation? Most of the time people, including Christians, are on a common path of experiencing life to the fullest. There are so many attractions in temporal things that our minds and hearts are captivated.
  I have to admit that I really cannot imagine what it means to be in revival. I do know that I am not living in a dream world about revival. I do know that I believe the historical accounts of revival; especially those that report the sweeping changes in communities and countries. I know what happens when we draw nigh to God.

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