War is War by any name....

  It is my purpose to bring current events into this column and relate those events to where we are spiritually. I firmly believe that every occurance of life is to be looked at in how it relates to God's plan.
  One of several major news events were announced this week. This one stated that several major shipping ports of America have been purchased by Arabs. I realize that this will not be a major story for long. The news people will shortly forget the matter and seemingly life will go on. I am not a prophet, but I believe this purchase just may be a subtle move for the Islam world to continue in its quest to destroy America.. Everything in me says not to be so presumptous, but there is a nagging part of me saying, "Wake Up to Reality! Can't we see that this strange enemy has an evil inspiration to destroy every aspect of the blessing of God. They have already just about throttled the throat of America through its weird control of the world's oil supply.
  My part in this column is to emphasize that we are in a religious war. The armies of Muhammed are not lined up in military parades. They are not bunkered in barracks, they are not gathering in open battlefields. This army is dispersed in neighborhoods around the globe. They are fired up and organized in the back rooms of mosques and oriental cafe's. Even though we seem to think that they are led and directed by Osamma Bin Laden, the truth is that they are driven by Koranic verses from a holy book that propaganda is not allowing us to discipher.
  Even though we are engaged in Iraq and that engagement is spreading to Iran, we do not have half an idea of what our potential enemy really is. Fundamental Moslems are being metamorphed from every segment of Islam. They have been found in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Palestine, London and Philadelphia. If America, England or the United Nations think that this enemy can be defeated by bullets they are sadly mistaken. From the pilots who flew planes into the World Trade Center to young Moslems who strap on a belt of C4, all of them are religious zealots. They are dying for their God. The only effective retaliation to violent Islam is the Gospel of the Prince of Peace. The message of Jesus is far more appealing than the message of Muhammed. The message of Jesus is far more believable than the message of Muhammed. The eternity of Jesus is much easier reached than the eternity of Muhammed. Jesus is alive. Muhammed is dead.
  The cartoonists are correct. Muhammed is a joke.

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