Choosing Sides!

If you are a regular reader of my articles then you either love me, follow me or tolerate me. There might be a chance that you read my articles because my articles irritate you and you are looking for some flaw, error or mistake.  For either of these your search probably won't be long. Due to space, I will take the first two that are mentioned above and open my drive for this article.
  It is no secret that the whole human race is divided. The most obvious division is skin color, four or five basic colors from which every one has come. Next would be language.  Just about everybody speaks foreign to a Texan! We are kind enough and big enough to  overlook that though.

  Thirdly, I will use the term philosophy in which I hope you will allow culture, religion, politics and loyalties to fit under.

  But, since this is a Christian article, I will reach in and bring religion to the forefront. Everybody has their own religion. No religion is still a religion! Lots and lots of people spend their lives following their personal religion. Many of our societies defend that principle and demand its freedom. Some of the worlds powers try to regulate what is and what is not religion. Some use extreme force to manipulate people's beliefs. Anyone who knows and believes the whole Bible, will have to agree that there is no other name given among men, except the name Jesus that will bring salvation to the souls of men. So that shows the absolute that all other religions of this world are leading men straight to hell!

  Now back to divisions and I will refine my article to look at the divisions amongst us who truly believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father. Some christian circles actually do not believe that.

  It seems to be a malady of our times for individualism to become so prominent that some basic structures of our society is being threatened. There is not a lot of public debate about the true doctrines of the Word of God. Yet on the other hand true doctrine is also being threatened by the weakening of individualism. There is no way whereby you can collect any two people who totally agree on every thing! So we are ordered to assemble ourselves together into local New Testament Baptist Churches. That is a complete doctrinal essay on Hebrews 10:25. We who cannot agree on everything have to come to some agreement on what we will agree on. We must agree that the Bible is truly the Word of God while other books aren't. We must agree that the God of the Bible is not the same as other religions hold; including Islam. Then there are 20 so other doctrines that support and are supported by the above doctrine. We normally have those doctrines printed and published for continuity. Most Churches also have or should have a separate document called a constitution and by-laws. This gives order on the operations of that local Church.
It perceivably may happen that a Church would have to add to its doctrinal or Constitutional stand depending upon developed conditions. Then there is one more step.

  This one must be based upon the published doctrines and Constitution/ By-laws. The step of the voice of the assembled Church. "What will the Church Pulpit say?" The Pastor, Preacher will be the overall voice of the assembled Church. They will listen to him as a candidate; they will, unanimously, call him. As long as he abides by his stated convictions, they will follow his leadership.

  All these people who have differences of opinions about any particular subject or life in general, must decide and choose when and where to co-operate with others. It is not acceptable with God or Jesus Christ for individuals to refuse to assemble themselves. Christ founded His Church upon Himself to accomplish his will and build His Kingdom (by the way "Charles Taze Russell's" Kingdom is not the same Kingdom!). The legitimate call for the scriptural assembly must come from the Word of God. That Word must be obeyed in word and deed.

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