Which Side is the Winning Side

  Jesus never gave the impression that there would be great numbers of followers. In Matthew 5 where he first began to teach his doctrine, blessing or happiness comes with pain, suffering and poverty. In the next few chapters he compared his expectations with the expectations of life. His is more difficult. He refers to quotations of the law, and exemplifies them with the phrase, “but I say unto you.” The early period of his ministry was devoted to the discipling of his disciples and the introduction of his kingdom. As he began to enact miracles and heal, the crowds began to show up. He fed over 5000 people at least twice as his ministry took form. He himself knew and said that the multitudes followed not for the doctrine but for the food. The crowd becomes a mob depending on the inertia. In John 6 where I believe the winds changed, seventy or more disciples walked away shaking their heads. He asked the twelve if they were going to leave also. The answer Peter gave in John 6:68, 69 probably had the same source as the one in Matthew 16:16. At any rate the disciples obediently followed him ultimately into the ultimate setup. Judas sold him out, because he was a traitor. (Not because he knew something the others didn’t.) The others however saved their own skin when Jesus was led away.

  The witnesses of his resurrection rebounded in fervor and faith and they multiplied as the Holy Spirit indwelt.
  Prior to the persecution complexities the Church at Jerusalem exploded. By the time Saul came on the scene believers had seen the truth and were willingly giving their lives for Jesus Christ. As the numbers of believers increased, the severity of persecution increased. Jesus had warned his followers that because the world hated him then the world would hate us. That hatred rises in relation to our fervency for the faith of Jesus Christ. The more Christians do and say what Jesus said to do and say, the more bold the persecutors react. Jesus left no doubt that the end times would show the increase of the falling away. Seven Churches in Revelation 2 & 3 depict the path of Churches to where we find ourselves swamped in Laodicean Christianity.

  This is where we come to the point of this column.
  Any student of the history of Christianity knows that around the world in the last 2000 years, there has been revivals and after the revivals slow decay. Great Britain flourished after the end of the inquisition and as true light flooded that part of the world. The Gospel was sent virtually to the uttermost part of the earth and was carried to a new continent where the light took hold and literally developed a new nation.

  What happened to the light in Europe? Why did flourishing Churches begin to dry up and die. Today there are only empty shells of buildings that once housed congregations of believers. Missionaries are now going back to the old world and praising the Lord when they are able to purchase one of those old forts of the faith.
  Is it possible that the current bastion of the faith will also see the decay of the truth. If the Lord tarries, will we have to watch while evangelism is replaced with a dead gospel. False messages and false messengers are being turned to by crowds. Feel good religion and a prosperity gospel is replacing truth.

  Those of us who are saying, “to whom else can we go.” are seen as diehards. Filth saturates our entertainment industry. Sodomy is being given rights, while family is being degraded and despised. Abortion is ok now since we need the results for stem cell research. The anti-Christian religion of Islam is being courted by our country’s politicians, media and the one world church having no idea that the religion itself is instigating terrorism throughout the whole world. In all this Christ is still the winner.


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