What Goes Around Comes Around

It is not apparent to most of us today that down through the ages there has been constant battles for the faith. Jude tells us to earnestly contend for the faith. Faith is the only thing about us that enables us to exist in an ever changing world.
  The world began to organize itself with Nebuchadnezzar and it showed early that its organization had the same spirit that was found at Babel, “We are going to reach God on our own terms!”
  Satan has also been devoted to stop the plan of redemption. From the narrow one link in the human chain which carried the promised seed, through the effort of Herod to kill any possible king, to the devil himself taking Jesus into the 40 day wilderness.

  Since the publication of the Word of God, Satan has focused his attack upon the interpretation of the Word of God. Within the first century as Christianity began to expand throughout the earth and the Word was to be propagated. Satan was busy leading men to incorrectly handle the Word. His purpose is to nullify the true Gospel. He desires to take away the deity of Jesus Christ. He has to confuse the plan of salvation. He removes the reality of Hell. He denies sin. He makes up lies to replace truths. Have you ever noticed that whenever the world acknowledges Judas, they always try to put him in a better light. The Bible says that Jesus chose him because he knew what he would do. Jesus knew he was the son of perdition when he called him. Judas never woke up to the purpose of Jesus. Judas is solely responsible for selling our saviour to the Chief Priests.

  Have you ever noticed that the world jumps on any philosophy or idea that takes away the deity of Jesus Christ. They want to prove that Jesus wasn’t born of a virgin. They want to explain away his miracles. They want to prove somehow that Jesus did not actually die or actually rise from the dead. They make fun of any idea that Jesus is coming back and more specifically of the rapture. Satan sometimes sticks his finger into this part. Do you remember how the world made fun of the tragic deaths of 37 educated people in California a few years back. As soon as the shock of the suicides wore thin, the anti-Christ elements compared the Halley Comet followers to those of us who were expecting the rapture.
  The amazing thing about this whole thing is that the same old denials keep popping up once or twice during a lifetime and that generation is not half prepared to deal with the issue. It seems that each generation has to try to figure out all over again how to deal with the error.
  The inspired preserved Word of God has to be defended and proven to each generation. It never occurs to the world that in spite of the many ways they have tried to destroy the Bible, it stands solid. The so called lost books of the Bible are not part of the word of God and never were. The 66 books are unified and no lies can duplicate or replace its inspiration.
  Therefore since the devil doesn’t have an imagination plus the fact that there are not that many areas the world can question about the Bible, perhaps we should concentrate on studying to show ourselves approved unto God and to know how to simply answer the world’s repeated denials of the truth of God’s Word.
  What verses verify the deity of Jesus? What verses verify the verbal inspiration and preservation? What verses assure that life eternal is indeed life eternal and not life for a while.
  Remember when we had to scratch our brains and just have the faith to believe that God created man in his image? Well maybe it wasn’t that simple, but the discovery of DNA has invalidated all aspects of evolution. God will bless his word and those who steadfastly believe it.

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