A Lazy Church

  Recently I heard that phrase given as a description of a Church. I think that this description could be one of the worst statements about an assembly of God's people. I think one would be highly offended to be so classed. And the first reaction would be to deny that the term would possibly apply. But then let us consider what aspects of a Church would make it a lazy Church.
  Well we have to look first at the pulpit. That is what everybody does. Everything depends upon leadership. What kind of man should stand behind the sacred desk and at the various other stations that he is supposed to stand at. First of all he should qualify as the man of God in testimony. First Timothy chapter 3 pretty well describes what kind of character he should have and be. He should know the Word of God according to his tenure. He should be able to rightly divide the Word of truth. He should know what the Word of God has to say on just about any subject, or at least know how to find it shortly. As an under shepherd, he must have an unusual care and compassion for the sheep that the Lord has put under him. He must be long suffering as the Lord himself is. A man who has no patience is not a fit Pastor. He should be able to correctly balance his care of the flock and work diligently in the bringing new lambs into the flock. It has been said long ago by a wise Christian philosopher, that "shepherds don't give birth to lambs; sheep give birth to lambs." Admittedly, a Pastor is also a sheep as far as the Lord is concerned. A lazy Pastor would not study for his ministry, rather he would rely on his gift of gab and some shoddy outlines. He doesn't fit his sermons to his audience, and he doesn't apply the messages to himself. Nap time is his favorite time of day!
  Now lets continue, because we are talking about a lazy Church. Just about any Church is primarily made up of people who come on Sunday morning only. They have no idea or interest on what goes on within the operations of their Church. So the more non attending Church members, the lazier the Church. I am sorry to say that it is almost impossible to get those people motivated to even be faithful to other services, much less, to get involved in the various ministries of their Church. Sometimes a good dose of salvation helps. Sometimes a good eternal scare helps. Sometimes a light bulb just comes on! A full set of encyclopedias is not enough space to record all the excuses people give for not being obedient to preaching the Gospel to the uttermost part of the earth. Nineteen out of twenty Christians never personally lead a lost person to Jesus Christ.
  That brings me to the possible need to break down the term lazy Christian. A lazy Christian is not familiar with the Bible, because he is too lazy to read it. Because he does not read the Bible, he is not able to know what the Lord has for him or for him to do. He is afraid to witness or testify, because he does not know what the Bible says, in answer to opposition. Because he does not truly know the doctrine of the Bible, he tends to think that all Churches are the same, so never confronts the error of dead Churches. Did you know that right now (2006) the Presbyterians are trying to figure out how to put a feminine term into the Holy Trinity. They are also in a heated battle as to whether homosexuals can serve in the presbytery. Most other protestant Churches have approved it in one way or another. Aren't you glad you are a fundamental, independent Baptist? We don't have anyone to even discuss such matters with. Not in Boston or Nashville!
  There is possibly another thought that might enter into our little description of a lazy Christian. Many Christians say they would like to do more for the Lord, but just don't have the opportunity or the time. Consequently something or someone makes sure that there are ample duties, obligations and responsibilities that seem to make God's work take second place. What is it that says, "I can't go to Church because I have this more important duty."


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