There are countless illustrations and accounts in the Bible about  losing faith.  I am not referring to saving faith.  Saving faith is the gift of God not of works, lest any man should boast.  I am referring to believing God.
  Adam & Eve were given everything one could dream of and were commanded to believe God. They disbelieved God and look where they took us.
 Abraham believed God enough to abandon his homeland and trek across the Iraqi desert to what became Israel. However he did not believe God completely and got himself and his wife into a couple of compromising situations.
  Moses believed God, with constant maintainence, and led over a million people out of Egypt through a wilderness and to the gate of the promised land. He disbelieved God just enough to lose the privilege of going through that gate.
  David believed God with childlike faith from his childhood. He loved the Lord with a constant flow of psalms and praise. He lost his faith when his pride and the lust of the flesh, suddenly took charge of his life. He became so addicted to his own desires that his history has a terrible scar.
 Thomas has always had two names, the one being descriptive of his very nature of faithlessness...Doubting. Though Peter was praised for his God given insight, he regularly lost his footing by shifting his eyes to the waves or accusing voice.
  The Words of Jesus in parables encouraged trust above riches, dependence above self reliance and an absolute committance into his care and protection. The epistles places great importance and connection to the relationship with saving faith and living faith.
  Outside of the lost world and its unseen god, most of our battles personally and eccliesiastically are against those who claim to believe God, but in truth are emmeshed in the cares of this world.  Whole denominations are faithlessly governing their practice and philosophy upon human reasoning and denial of God's Word.
  Churches have turned to secular business vehicles to ensure growth and tangible existance.   Individual Christians have traded God for a piece of plastic,  a bottle of  pills or a para Christian psychologist.  To many the Bible is no longer a source of living faith but an irrelevant ancient book that may or may not tell of real people who knew God.


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