The Middle East is At It Again!!!

  In recent weeks we have watched as Israel has said, “Enough is Enough!” They are constantly being attacked by terrorists who slip across borders and blow themselves up with surrounding victims. Almost daily crude rockets flare out of the Palestinian camps or the neighboring country of Lebanon. The world sits and barely notice these events. The United Nations turns its own biased head. All the while several Arab leaders continually call for the complete destruction and annihilation of Israel. Iran and Syria pour millions of dollars of aid to the terrorists and no one takes them to task about it. So Israel abides as long as it can. One thing everyone does know is that if an Israeli Soldier is taken hostage or even if the body of a slain Israeli soldier is taken, Israel will rise up and do every thing in its power to return that soldier home. Everybody knows that including the terrorists. Several weeks ago, an Israeli soldier was captured by the palestinians and taken God knows where. Israel rose up and pursued. Then a couple of days later, terrorists from Lebanon slipped across the border and captured two other Israeli soldiers. The Israeli armies immediately opened that front and went after their men. This time though, they softened up the ground with some air bombs and artillery. Lebanon which has done virtually nothing about controlling or expelling Hezbollah terrorists was under full attack and siege. The Israeli army has been doing an excellent job of routing the terrorists and cleaning up both the Gaza strip and southern Lebanon. Of course their have been civilian casualties. This is because the terrorists hide in neighborhoods where they know innocent people work, go to school and live. CNN, which normally does not tell the truth about anything, even admitted that Hezbollah were holed up in a hospital with some kind of headquarters for their cowardly activities. Today three weeks into the fray, Condi Rice, Secretary of State, is in Jerusalem doing her best to solve the problem. Apparently no one has told her that only the Lord Jesus Christ can solve this particular problem and if I am not sadly mistaken, he may just shortly begin that fix. Folks, I know that we Christians have been saying for a long time that Jesus is Coming! I know that things seem to go along as they always do. But, I think you had better take a closer look at what is going on over there in the middle east. The Bible is not a current newspaper or news channel, but it has a whole bunch more! God is not surprised at the goings on over there in the middle east. He told us that Esau was going to be a thorn in the flesh to Israel, before Jacob had Judah. There was to be a segment of this world that would be at the beckon and call of the devil himself. They would always try to eradicate the seed line and the seed line’s remnant. They will not give up on this quest even if they lose their own existence. Have you ever wondered what motivates a person to strap bombs on his or her body, walk into a crowded restaurant and trip the switch? Yes, liar abdullahs increase this fervency and the overriding religion of those people drive them to desperation in their attempts to destroy the chosen people. God knew that these people would be so driven, and has not left us without disclosure. The Bible gives the plan and incorporates the current events. Most of us who study the Bible with a believing heart, can see that time is about up. The world is falling into place and waiting for its all wise and worshipful leader. I am not speaking of the Lord Jesus Christ, but about his counterpart, the anti-christ. It would be to our benefit to be ready to give a reason for what we believe about these last days. If we don’t, there is going to be a whole lot of people winding up in Hell.

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