Setting Lifeís Priorities

  The busier we become in this world, the more we have to cut out of our schedules. Obviously we will cut off the less important things that clutter up our lives. We are finding that we just canít do everything that life wants us to do. Poll takers tell us truthfully that the greatest use of our time is our occupation. Not only for the bread winner of the home but also for the supporting family.
  The second greatest use of our time is our bed. Though many do toss and turn, still they lie in bed a great portion of our twenty four hour allotment each day.
  As far as further breakdowns, it depends on whether you are a farmer, minister or fireman; so we will just say busyness rules! There are probably some polls that will include TV time and computer use; as well as fishing and hunting for table objects. And what about kids activities? I donít know of any home that has school age and even pre-school age kids whose schedules doesnít wrap around taking kids around! Should I even dare to mention trips to Wal-Mart? I think cars are manufactured with some kind of homing device for Wal-Mart. I think a favorite joke is the fellow who wanted to be buried in a Wal-Mart parking lot. That way his wife could visit him every day.
  OK! Enough generalities. What is the point of this article? It has to do with the importance of Church. What can be done if it is necessary to be done to get people to spend more time at and be devoted to Church. First off I donít think Preachers ought to have to spend time trying to plan exciting events for people to be so entertained at Church! Sin keeps people either away from Church or in Church. So it would probably be a good idea for the Preacher to keep on pointing out sins of the people. I think it is not productive for the Preacher to devise programs or procedures to get people involved in Church, such as counting beads or lighting candles. I am definitely against any kind of bureaucracy to involve people in the operation of a Church. First thing you know women will be running the Church. God canít bless that because He gave orders that that is not supposed to happen in a true New Testament Church.
  Here is an idea that might work. The world is getting ignerter(sp) and ignerter(sp) concerning the Bible. The average Church building remains empty and unused except for four or five hours a week.
  Real Godly teachers could utilize that space weekly with a Bible lesson from a particular passage, or on a particular life subject. Why, if it had ten Real Godly teachers, a Church could help broken homes, solve the disparity between parents and teenagers, and help families budget their income all from a Biblical perspective. The Church could have its doors open 8 hours a day and some evenings also. Might even lead to a branch Bible College.
  What started all this, is the feelings of the Preacher. He looks at those buildings which are too much for one person to clean and to keep presentable. He has relied upon the willingness of a very few of the members to volunteer to clean and janitor the buildings each week. The numbers of volunteers never was very high. Most folks apparently donít consider janitoring, Godís work. Somebody has to do it. It is unbelievable how cluttered and dusty the buildings get even though they are used only four or five hours a week!
  Them spiders are smart little fellers. They have to come out the minute after the last person leaves Church on Sunday night and spin a web that looks a hundred years old by Wednesday night. They do the same thing Wednesday night for Sunday morning. Visitors who might just be the first people at Church on Sunday morning would think the place was closed, because Mrs. Spider had done a good job of antiquing her web. Yes, I did say Mrs. For I understand if her hubby gets caughtÖ. Fair game!

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