Wake Up! We are at War

With everyone in the world, who has brains to think, trying to think of an answer to the World's problem of the Jihadists, I would like to put my two cents worth in. We are not going to see a solution in my lifetime nor in my grandkids' lifetime. Whether the Democrats succeed in causing the troops to limp home in defeat, or if George Bush succeeds in sending thousands of troops into Bagdad. We are at war with an innumerable army and we are at war with a unseen enemy and we are at war with a cruel enemy. Can you prove me wrong thus far?

  This is ultimately the same kind of war that most wars have been down through the ages. It is a religious war! It is a war between the followers of Allah and the followers of Jehovah. Those two Gods are not one and the same. Though the followers of Allah pretend that their religion has roots up through Abraham, which is a lie, it has no resemblence to Biblical foundations.

  I beleive the only way to win this war is through evangelistic debate. In other words we are going to have to publicize the Gospel to this world more enthusiastically than we ever have. Even a novice knows the better choice is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has far more certainties and promise that Muhammed gave personally or that the several versions of the Quran give.

  Before I get into comparisons. I know that I should identify an unspoken effect in this world war. I speak of Satan himself. Nothing is easier than for a Christian to brand any opposition as the devil. Well in this case I believe the case proves it. Satan has had a long time to set this thing up. Before the end of the first century, he indwelt Muhammed, spoke through him and then had his verbage printed into a book called the quran. There are several versions by satan's plan, so that it will be more difficult to pinpoint actual beliefs. Of course I also believe Satan inspired the book of Mormon, deluding Joseph Smith and his followers. They are still publishing other books vainly trying to shore up the fallacies of the first book. I might as well reveal my supposed ignorance, by stating that I believe Satan has led theologians and publishing houses to produce different versions of the Bible also. Name a stronger source of division in the ranks of Christians today.

  Now back to comparisons. First lets look at influence. What do you think of a lady walking through Wal-Mart wearing a full dress of some drab color? Her head is covered with a covering that just barely reveals her face or part of her face. Now in some cities of Michigan or New York this attire is more evident than in Seymour, Missouri; but the garb does not look normal in the USA! This is because the far eastern religions are deeply influenced and founded in the far east. Now think. The greater majority of people walking around the same wal-mart are living and walking in a country that has been greatly infuenced by another far eastern individual, Jesus Christ. With few exceptions, he has not influenced Americans to dress or act like far easterners. His effect has more to do with the heart than it does the garb. Truth is, Jesus may have worn clothing similar to what Mohammed wore. There was only 6 or 7 hundred years difference in their times.

  Next and very logical; we must look at the God of the Moslems and the God of the Christians. I repeat, they are not one and the same. They are not even kin to each other. False religion always tries to connect in this manner. The God of the Bible uses different names but only has one nature. His nature as described in the Holy Bible has absolutely no semblence to the God of the Quran or the God of Moroni. Like all man made Gods, there nature is to challenge mankind to rise to some designed status or quota or level in order to achieve eternal something. The God of the Bible goes to great lengths to prove that we cannot rise anywhere by our own bootstraps. We fall short of the Glory of God and need complete atonement. Jesus Christ was given to the world as that atonement and the Bible assures us that nothing or no one else could do that. The religions that try to include Jesus as a prophet or a wonderful teacher have not a clue as to who he is. He said in John that if we do not believe he is God then we are still in our sins. He is the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to God except by Jesus. I should be able to end this article right now, but I know....



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