The Best System in the World is

  In the last part of the 1700's, the USA was blooming as one of the greatest nations that this world has ever seen. A government of the people, by the people and for the people. Seldom had a nation this large and with its diversities been able to function with its leaders being elected by the  common populace.
  Those men who were elected to the various places of power, kept their power only as long as they answered to the people. As things go, it wasn't long before political action committees began to be formed. These were groups who gathered in both the nation's capitol and the capitol  cities of each state. they hired, hirelings to run up and down the halls of those government offices and doing everything they could within the law to influence the powerful men in those offices. Sometimes the PAC would do something illegal and they would be exposed and extricated. Occasionally one of the politicians would do something illegal, and he would be caught.  The system had a way of policing and cleansing itself.
  But then, men and women began to get into office who did not know or believe they were under God.  Our nation's nature did not retain its simplicities but started to lose what was essentially the hand of God.  I may be wrong, but it was during these early changes that politicians began to be branded as liars. they would make all kinds of promises on the campaign trail, but forget those promises, the moment they sat down at their desk.  What is worse, they began to realize that they didn't necessarily have to do what their constituents wanted them to do. Their votes would have no effect in 3 or 4 years.  Now we have developed a whole society in Washington and Jefferson City that are doing their own thing.
  We continue to have unborn babies being slaughtered.  We have perverts prancing up and down the halls of congress, (many of them have been elected there!) Natural marriage is being replaced by an unending flow of alternates.  If the politicians don't bring this to a halt now, in just a few years, pedophiles will be insisting they have a right to marry children! Don't pshaw!
  The worst result is that we as law abiding citizens are now being threatened by laws that will take away the Constitutional  Freedoms that Americans were endowed with July 4, 1776.
How can anyone make "Hate Speech" illegal in the light of the first amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech. I don't like it when someone can deny and defy God on a public street corner, but I will contend for anyone's right to do that in America. But our elected officials in high places are worming  laws into place that will take away these God given freedoms.
  Since I just saw a gloating picture of a gluttonous Al Gore as he beamed his new found following in the Global Warming lies.
This is another avenue that the average American is going to find himself and herself being squeezed.  Did you know that the Kyoto Treaty will raise gasoline  taxes $.33 a gallon if we ratify it in the USA? Not to speak of other outrageous effects it will have on our society. The tree huggers are no longer a joke! Al and his buddies have maneuvered things to the place where it will take away honest and deserved freedoms.  Believe it  or not, they are using the same tactics that the Nazi's used in Germany almost 60 years ago.  Human beings who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
  I think it is high time that Christian Believers began to take an active part in the political processes. Jesus is Coming soon! But I am pretty sure his message is, "occupy till I come.


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