What Are You Saying?

  Recently I was speaking with a young man who was having some difficulties.  As I encouraged him to get in Church and get his heart right with God. He replied with a statement that I get so tired of hearing, "I don't like to go to Church and sit next to someone who is pretending to be a Christian, when I know they are not."  This conversation can be just an excuse, but pretty often it is a legitimate complaint.  If a self proclaimed Christian doesn't walk the walk and talk the talk, then the only word in the Bible that describes them is, "Hypocrite!"  Humanly speaking, the greatest hindrances of winning the lost are hypocrites. A hypocrite is a person who wants to be known as a upstanding  and well behaved Church member.  One that can feel comfortable sitting along side other Church members on Sunday if there is not something more important happening.
  But there is no true love for God or the things of God.  There is no love of the Word of God. There is no enjoyment of being around people who are committed to Christ. Church is not their number one destination of life.
  I asked this young man to give me an example of what he was talking about.  He said the person he was referring to in particular was publicly a good Christian on Sunday, but had a filthy mouth outside the Church. Always had a dirty joke to tell and flirted with the opposite sex.  Spoke recommending  unclean videos and  movies. Laughed about the sermons and the other ministries of Church.  Made fun of Godly Christians.  It was amazing to me how different he painted the individual from the impressions I had.  This all became personally exampled to me as only a few weeks ago, I had heard a so called Christian man curse his children in my earshot, as he was not aware I was in earshot.
  Since this is not a big problem in Faith Baptist Church, I will change tone in this article to a more positive, yet related angle.
It is very important for a Church to be made up of honest, Godly and true Christians.  It is not difficult for a true Christian to live a true Christian life.  We should also be aware that the animostic lost person will say anything to tear down a Christian's testimony.  Someone once said that it doesn't matter what the world says about a Christian as long as it is not true.
  A true Christian should try to use a clean vocabulary.  Slang that is connected to vulgar language should be avoided.  Off color jokes should be off limits to the Christian.  A Christian must do their best not to carry slander or gossip.  A Christian should not even leave a false impression with anyone.  Be as honest as possible.
  A true Christian shouldn't place world amusements and amusers in a place of prominence in their lives.  The world seems to worship the movie stars of Hollyweird in spite of their hedonistic life styles. A Christian should never allow the entertainment industry to become a priority in their lives.

  A true Christian should be loyal and faithful to their home Church. This is the only real place to express our service and faith to the Lord. It should not be considered a prison or a place of absolute control, for this is also misleading to the lost.  One thing is very true. A Church becomes exactly what its members want it to become.

  A true Christian will match their life and their lips.  What we say should be what we live.  When a lost person sees that, then they know it is truth and even if they lie about it, they themselves know the truth, and the testimony stands.


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