What Can I Do for God?

  I think that I am not alone in those brief moments, when I get to thinking that God somehow is dependent upon me to take care of some needed task or endeavor or that I am irreplaceable in the little space I occupy in his great big world. I have to slap myself or maybe kick myself to remind me that God is God and He don't need my help!
  However, He has sent me to be a witness to the uttermost part of the earth. He does beseech me to present my body a living sacrifice for service and that is done by the transforming of my mind. There are two things required in my relationship to God. The first is obedience and the second is faithfulness. Beyond that there is nothing I can do in my flesh to help God do anything. I guess I should not forget that my prayers are being stored at the throne of God for His use in warfare with Satan. The book of Revelation says they are important in that respect, but I don't believe God will lose the war without them for that same precious book says the devil is toast.
  Our primary task in this present world is to preach the Gospel. The Gospel is the invitation of God to all who can and will hear. Because of sin, the whole world is in darkness and on its way to eternal destruction. God's judgment is coming! Jesus died on the cross to pay for the sins of the whole world, but only those who actually receive that atonement by personal choice will be born of the spirit of God. John 1:10-12; 3:1-8.
  One can search through the Bible and will find not one instance of someone doing God a favor. Most of the times it was vice versa and several Godly giants were found praying for God's favour. It is fairly evident that when God wants something done in a particular way by a particular person, nothing else and no one else can fill the bill. But that still is no indication that God needs our help.
  Obedience and faithfulness leads to wonderful opportunity to be used of God to accomplish wonderful and sometimes miraculous things which defies any other explanation than, "God did it!" Moses didn't part the Red Sea, God did. Joshua didn't "fit de battle of Jericho." God did. Elijah didn't stop the rain for 3 years, God did. Etc.
  Now to you and I. What are our chances of doing something for God? Pretty slim. But, if we are obedient to His Word and we are faithful in His house, then there is a pretty good chance that He will use us in His purpose. Notice, I didn't say our PURPOSE; I said His purpose.  The Purpose Driven society are just a bunch of bigheads that think they can do something for God. If you think about it just about every false religion, cult and misguided denomination are built on the premise of doing something for God.
  God does not share top billing with anyone. Anyone who has their name attached to their ministry gives the impression that they are doing something for God.  The Pope himself believes that he is the Vicar of Christ. In other words, he is taking care of the work of God while Jesus is listening to Mary.
  Solomon built a magnificent temple, but it wasn't what God really wanted.  Ezekiel received the plans for God's temple but no one has gotten around to building it.... yet. It is really strange that in all the great works that men have done for God, nothing really lasts, except what God does himself.  The Bible defines and describes God's will and work.  The Bible assures us that the Lord is still on course and will complete what He started out to do.
  He only asks us to obey His Word and be faithful in the place where He has called us.  The Scriptures are our instructions and the local New Testament Church is the recruitment center for the works of God.  Christ phrased it in an explainable way. He said that we are to be the light of the World.


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