Good Luck Miracles

  Those of us who use E-Mail for communication are more than familiar with forwards. A forward is a letter or article that seems so good that it is forwarded on to other e-mail readers. A real juicy article or dire warning can find itself being forwarded to millions within hours.  One problem is that a timely dire warning can still be circulating on the forward circuit for years.  It is fun to receive, from new computer users, forwards that have been in circulation for years. For instance a forward tells us that the planet Mars is going to be at its closest point shortly, but the reality is that it has already happened.

  There are hoaxes, such as a child who lost its body in an accident and needing prayer as they search for a donor body.  We are to believe that they are keeping the head alive with artificial heart and lungs.
  The most discouraging forwards I receive are the ones that Christian brothers and sisters send promising good luck or miracles.  Apparently they never think of the ramifications.  Those of us who have come to know the Lord personally know that there is no such thing as good luck. Miracles cannot be ordered from God based on how quickly or how many forwards are forwarded.  No matter how wonderful or how urgent a forward may be, it should never be connected to false promises of miracles or good luck for Christians.  Such communication also helps to detract the promises found in the Holy Scripture. As Peter tells us one of the main sources of ridicule that we receive, comes from those who refer to unfulfilled promises. The lost world prides itself in the absence of a returned Jesus. There was a period of about 120 years where segments of Christianity promised miracles on demand or other visual manifestations of proof. God tells us in Hebrews 11, that it is impossible to please Him without faith. Any doctrine of physical proofing of the things of God are error and border on abomination. Those who seek after signs & wonders are adulterous and doomed.

  A person who comes to God through faith in Jesus Christ alone is recipient, not only of everlasting life, but also receives the down payment of all the eternal rewards of Heaven. The most wonderful and greatest miracle is the new birth. We become a brand new creature the moment the Holy Spirit generates life to our dead soul. We are not given supernatural abilities or physical objects of proof.  We only see that the Word of God is Truth and are enabled to preach it with power so that others may believe.

  We as believers are admonished to count our blessings, and anyone of us can give testimony of miracles performed by a Holy God for our benefit. In fact positive occurrences, that the world would label good luck, are looked at by us as blessings from a loving Lord and we would not hesitate to give him full credit. Negative occurrences are immediately blamed upon the evil enemy, the devil or are deeds orchestrated at his hand. All things happen to us through invisible hands and will not answer to the terms or truly be defined as good or bad luck.

  The blessings of the Lord and even the blastings of Satan must be looked upon as strengths to our faith and energy to our hearts to glorify the truth of the Scriptures; to be brighter lights for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

  Did you ever count the days from when the Lord miraculously led the Israelites across the Red sea before they made the golden calf? Can you estimate the number of days from when Jesus called Lazarus from the Tomb until Judas sold the Lord and Peter denied him?  My point is that God knows the longevity of miracles or good luck is limited by circumstances and time. All things work for the good to them who love God and are the called. God has a better plan for our lives, and we should be careful about what we look to for the good things of life. Worse yet, we should never be trapped in believing, "whatever will be, will be!"


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