A New Testament Church

  It is necessary for a Christian to examine himself occasionally. This is why Christ instituted the Lord's Supper.  When we examine ourselves in the shadow of the cross, then we develop the right perspective.

  A collective Church must also occasionally examine their selves.  It is easy to get off track as many of the Epistles of Paul describe. Also the 7 Churches of Revelation reveal the reality of imperfection.

  It has, indeed, been a long time since the Bible was compiled and these some 2000 years have brought about enormous change in culture and exposures, but what other rule book or guideline can we turn to besides the Bible? Nothing else! If we are left to our own ingenuities and formulas, then we are doomed to the fate of ultimate decay and destruction; a natural law.

  Any Church ought to line itself up with what the Bible describes as a New Testament Church.  Sadly this information or description is not found in any section of the New Testament. There is no Book of the New Testament devoted to the subject. There is not even an outline with scripture references.  All we have is a collection of 27 books that were written long ago and compiled into what we call the New Testament. Many of those 27 books are addressed to individual Churches. And within those 27 books we find particular responsibilities, duties, obligations and expectations of Churches.  We find good behaviour commended and bad behaviour condemned.  So therefore it is our duty to decide that this book is indeed the verbally inspired Word of God and that He means what He says.  We must define every set doctrine that we discover from this book and declare our affinity and loyalty to those doctrines. We must take serious the instructions of Paul and the other Epistle writers, accounting the true authorship of God. The idea that Paul was biased or age limited or era exposed is preposterous. When the book says, "no women teachers of men!" Then there should be no women teaching men! When Romans tells us that we are turned over to a reprobate mind, then we need to quake in our boots and seek God's face instead of making room for queers. When some foreign, hostile religion starts taking over our world, we need to preach the Word to the uttermost part of the  world.

  Most Churches of today are trying everything to get and keep a crowd. Compromise is a forgotten word, but plainly describes the actions of many Churches.  Pastors will not talk about sin from the pulpit, much less identify sinners.  People waltz into Church dressed like they are at Disneyland. (They just may be!)
Church members are looking and living like the world during the week and trying to act holy on Sunday.  Marrying and giving in marriage, somehow describes our current state of matrimony. Church members living together and or shacking up. Fornication and adultery  are relative or irrelative. Women actually feel they can run the home or their Church better than men. They will not allow their desire to be unto their husband, because in their mind he is just an overgrown boy.  Laugh, but chalk it up to a real abandonment of God's Spirit working in the lives and minds of ,men.  Rebellion from every quarter is the rule of the day.  Five year olds rebel against powerless parents. Wives rebel against their head. Church members rebel against the Pastor. Students rebel against the teachers. Ordinary citizens rebel against law enforcement. Privates rebel against sergeants. The media rebels against a President. Movie stars rebel against congress. People are rebelling against their creator and hugging trees.

  We must never succumb to the devil inspired philosophies of the world and we must never let others interpret the Word of God for us. 

  We are responsible to God and God alone through His Word!


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