Making Mention of Motivation

  Every Christian ought to take a moment occasionally to check on their motivation. What with so many motivators out there, it is almost confusing as to which are reliable and which are sure trouble. It resembles the advertising world. The most frightful and misleading ones are those that want us to believe they are best because of public demand. Does anyone here remember Triple S medicine or Uranium Sand?  I hope I can easily bring you back to the subject of this article. Motivation for Christians.
  Actually there are only two primary motivators for Christians. We are motivated to do things for God or we are motivated to do things for God. There is a very big difference between the two.
  First, many of us are motivated to do things for God. We go to Church regularly. We are trying to read the whole Bible in a year. We use our fingers to pray. (Maybe even count beads.) You know Praise, Pardon, Petition, Provision & Protection.
We grit our teeth trying to strain out bad words. We don't smoke , drink or chew and we try not to get too close to those who do. Part of this motivation is due to our peers.  We have an inward compunction to match what we see others doing. Often we are compelled to keep up with what others are doing for God so that we can feel "accepted in the beloved." Mind you we do realize that we are not working for our salvation, because that comes only by the grace of God. We are working for God just because there is so much to do and not enough people to do it.
It even aggravates  us when we see a good number of Church members who just warm a pew on Sunday mornings and disappear the rest of the week. They like to consider themselves as much a member as you do and you are working your head off trying to do all there is to do for God. Teach your class, visit your absents and prospects, study your lessons, volunteer to keep the nursery once a month or more, sign up to clean the building at least twice a year. Do what you can to give above the tithe, so that bills can be paid. There is just so much to do for God.

Secondly, not quite as many of us are motivated to do things for God.  We remain astounded that God so loved us that he gave Jesus, his only begotten son to die in our place and purchase our redemption to God. We are overwhelmed that he would or could even use us in his service. It humbles our hearts that he made the decision to give us gifts and abilities, that we know are only from his grace. We can only bow before Him with very grateful hearts and yield to whatever he would have us do or be.  As we study His precious Word, we are amazed that he has always chosen the weak to confound the strong.  Every day we wake up with grateful hearts and with praise on our lips that he has granted us another day to serve Him. It is unbelievable to see His handiwork through our hands.  It is inconceivable that we speak as lead by His Spirit, and we see hardened hearts softened by the message of God's love and Grace that escapes our lips. With no natural talent or ability, He somehow enables us to perform in psalms and hymns that brings tears to the hearers. He advances to us hidden wisdom as we teach the eager hearts of  a Sunday School class of children. We leave the classroom glorifying God, because of His goodness in giving strength and knowledge to serve Him. We have not a jot of jealousy when one of our students relates how God spoke to his heart in the class that day. God's amazing grace never falls short of the needs of a sinful heart.
  We only rejoice when victories are won, when the devil has been resisted and when hearts get right with God.  There is lots of credit due for the prayer, study and effort, but all of that is His.

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