Get Real!

  We in the Christian world sometimes get so Heavenly minded that we are no earthly good.  It is not God's fault because he has given us his entire instructions for every aspect of life. Yet he doesn't tell us which TV programs to watch and which ones not to watch. I think if we could ask him personally, he would say we shouldn't watch any of them. A very troublesome thing is  that people and preachers can use verses to prove just about any thing they want to prove. I promise you, if you have a mischievous mind, you can think up some outrageous plan or even a weird doctrine and then go into the Holy Bible and find verses that seem to substantiate your proposition. I can show you a verse that seems to say that a woman cannot enter Heaven unless she has given birth to a child. The trick to this is commonly called, "taking verses out of context." This is how error begins, this is how cults form.
It is almost comical to see how new Christians bounce from one discovery to the next as they become accustomed to the Bible. Truth is, their level of maturity increases as they accumulate more scripture.
  The cause of this article is centered around a definite issue. In the book of Ephesians there is a passage that speaks of the relationship between a husband and wife. The most popular verse of that passage is the one that seems to command the wife to do anything her husband tells her to do. Hold it! I can see about a dozen male ears perking up and male eyes refocusing. It is if they know I am treading on treacherous territory. My next statement is a question. In reading the whole Bible and remembering the hundreds of verses that refer to wife or wives, how many wives were flawlessly obedient to their husbands and what was God's reaction to anything less?  Next, we need to just consider what a wife is to her husband? The first answer is helpmeet.  The last answer is that none of them were slaves. Rebecca was the best wife. (take a few minutes to remember her.) Jezebel was the worst one.  The last point on this subject is that the reference in Ephesians told the wife to submit to her husband as unto the Lord. The direct interpretation of that phrase says that a wife doesn't have to obey her husband if it means that she has to disobey the Lord.  O.K.! There is one more thing. Remember what I said about context? The Ephesian passage is actually the Lord revealing His relationship to the Church. This is clear when He doesn't go into details here about all the relationships between husbands and wives. He uses relationship between two as a picture of Christ and his Church.  A thorough  study of that passage will prove that no slave / master relationship exists in a husband wife relationship and there is no other passage or Bible story that will say otherwise.  What's that you say? Did I hear you mention, "Sarah?" Somehow I knew she and her passage would be brought up from 1 Peter 3. Believe it or not, this passage also affirms what is written above. Just concentrate on two words from that passage, "fear and amazement." Again there is no master / slave interpretation.
  The ability to decipher any passage depends upon one's total knowledge of the Word of God. A youth or a few years as a Christian limits understanding and sometimes triggers an un biblical interpretation of a doctrine or truth.
  Lives can be ruined and marriages can be destroyed by the incorrect interpretation of God's real purpose in the relationship of a husband and wife, of parents and children, and of pastor and Church. It is necessary to know the absolute will of God.


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