Where Do I Fit in God's Plan?

  Once a person has received Christ, a path of service begins to open. There is no question that Christians are left upon this earth to serve the Lord. Most of the Epistles are devoted to the truth that Christians are to put off the old man and to put on the new man. Churches addressed by Paul in the New Testament were being admonished to mortify the flesh and yield to the Spirit of God. Christians were given two objectives; the first was to draw nigh unto God. The second was to present the message of Jesus Christ clearly to a lost world.
  Practically everything of service that we Christians are expected to do can be boiled down to four areas:
  1. Separate from the mammon of this World.
  2. Study the Word of God for profit. (not monetary)
  3. Sanctify ourselves unto the Lord.
  4. Spread the Gospel to the uttermost part of the World.

Now looking at the 4, lets define some terms. Separation from the world must leave us available to the world in order for the world to see the light of Christ in us. Christ taught that we are to be in the world but not of the world. We find ourselves constantly being tainted or tangled, but we have Jesus as the perfect example and we have the Holy Spirit as the power. Paul spoke of dying daily to attain ultimate separation from and unto. We should have two motivations in this area. First to please the Lord and second to be a clean witness of God's grace. We should not associate intimately with carnal friends and we should desire the close fellowship of spiritual friends.

  Whether we spend 4 or more years in a Bible Seminary or just daily open the Word of God for that personal time with God, we must know what God's Word says concerning any situation that may arise in our lives. We must be able to give a legible account of what we believe. We must give a reason for the hope that lies within our soul. We must be able to lead anyone else to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Much of our study will be in relation to the first and third points above; how to make ourselves more useful to Jesus Christ through separation and sanctification.

  Speaking of sanctification, that's next.  Surely we are aware that this word defines what God does for us and to us and it also defines what we are to do with ourselves to God. In most of the references to us sanctifying ourselves, it is connected to the word, "holy." If you are willing at a specific moment to turn your self over to God, holy and acceptable then God is free to make of you what he wants you to be in this present world. He does not and will not use us against our will or even if we are pliable to whatever. To me it is akin to someone inviting me to stop by anytime. That's nice, but I am more comfortable with a Monday or Thursday date.

  Last but not least is the part that we should play in the Great Commission. Jesus said, "Go YE into all the world....."  He also said, "YE SHALL be witnesses...." Some evangelists have drawn thousands to the altar for salvation. Some soul winners do not pass a day without winning someone to Jesus. Some Pastors stand in pulpits that rule thousands. Should we just fold our arms and feel that since we cannot do like those above, that we are failing God. Absolutely not! Anyone who forgets that it is only God who begets is a fool and in danger of leading multitudes to ultimate destruction. Any preacher who thinks he has built his Church has deceived himself and perhaps his congregation. It is we who are the light of the world as He is in the light. It is we who must cultivate, plant and water. But it is He only who gives the increase. Let your light shine and your lips preach.


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