Changing Roles, but not positions

Matthew 24 and other passages throughout the New Testament let us know that the world would gradually become stronger towards Christ and all who are his. Even with that knowledge and information, a preacher normally steps out on a limb when he draws attention to real and current incidents that reveal the actual fulfillment of those prophecies.  Since America has enjoyed a long season of relative peace for Christians being in the world but not of the world, it is hard to insist that our time is coming. I have drawn attention to the current sufferings of Christians in parts of Africa and in the Orient in messages, but somehow we just can't visualize what is really happening. 
  We have seen Christmas become a season  of shopping for the perfect gifts, causing the commercial world to pull out all stops to get shoppers to spend their money. I, myself, heard a lady say the other day, "I hate this time of the year!" She was frustrated at the lack of funds, ideas and time to buy the necessary gifts. Each year the voices of the anti Christ crowd get louder and bolder as they do their best to remove Christ from
Christmas.  Christians are continually frustrated at the attempts of the ACLU to take Christ out of the schools and the courthouses. God, who was necessary in the founding of our nation is rapidly becoming unwelcome in public gatherings and functions. Christians are frowned upon because of their message and attitudes.  The morals and standards that have maintained the purity of our heritage, our homes and our churches are being pushed aside by the liberal philosophies of the free thinkers and the new age thinkers. 
  Underneath all this is the tendency of  the general thought in making good evil and evil good.  The most obvious of this is the abortion crowd who insist that the slaughter of babies is good and pure motherhood is evil.  Next is the crowd who say that marriage between a man and woman is outmoded but the union of two people of the same sex is acceptable.  Sexual perversions of all sorts are allowed and subtly promoted in almost every public venue and media. The lawmakers are oblivious to the fact that all the freedoms they are giving to the homosexuals and transvestites, will soon be demanded by the pedophiles. 
  Our world is changing and the roles of the Christians and the carnal seem to be changing also. We may have been asleep in being more active of reaching our world with the message of Jesus Christ. We may have not been diligent enough in maintaining our freedoms in truth to protect against the perversions of our Constitution and Amendments.  We were too casual in our approach to the doctrines and standards to the Word of God; the worst part of which we actually allowed the Word of God to be diluted in public opinion. If we truly do not have God's Word then we cannot know what God expects of us. And, "if God cannot maintain his own Word, then perhaps he doesn't exist." Are you not glad that your God is real and has indeed left us His Word intact and without error?
  Barring an earth shaking revival to truth and Barring a reversal to modern trends, our world is never going to return to the rule of Christian behaviour or even thought. So we as Christians will never deny Christ and join the World trends, but we will have to adapt to our role of being in a disdained minority.  This will require us to be more bold in our witness and preaching.  This will require us to be better trained to defend our faith and its truth.
This will require us to trust God even more; perhaps in the eventual jeopardy of our own lives. Don't pshaw! Take a trip to France, Germany or even England and find out that former 'Christian' now have become defined anti-Christian nations.
  We must be faithful to God's house, lest it become an antique  dealer's storage barn or chopped up into a apartment complex.
We must study the Word. We must preach the Word.

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