The Power of One

   Blindness is slowly creeping over the land of the free. In the 40's America survived the attack and intent of two foreign powers who had world conquest in mind. We stood straight and tall and led the world in dreams of a bright future.  But no sooner had the cheers for brave soldiers, some of whom were quietly buried on foreign shores, died down, that we began to see lawyers and politicians begin to work to take away our freedoms. The strange thing is that they began taking away the freedoms of the majority with promise of freedom for individuals. Civil rights laws began to be reinterpreted from their original intent. There definitely was a lot of inequality within our country and there was a need to recognize the plight of minorities, including women and races.However, the crooked lawyers, judges and politicians worked with the haters of America and began to focus on individuals.

 One person was used to start legalizing the murder of millions of babies. One person was used to begin attacking religion in the public schools. One person was used to legitimize open and accepted homosexual behaviour. Today one person is removing God from our courthouses and our coins. Single instances are being used as a base to destroy the correct and historical position of marriage between a man and a woman.  Teachers have been forbidden to refer to Mom and Dad in public classrooms of California thanks to the terminator.  The rights of the majority of Americans are being taken away in order for individuals to have rights. I wonder what would happen if some of these brilliant lawyers were to take the side of us Christians who are a true minority in America? Of course, I already know that answer!

  When we knew God, we did not worship Him as God.  That is the root of our whole problem. If we could persuade ourselves to do what is necessary to deal with the root cause individually, perhaps God would once again bless us instead of blasting us. I must never give up hope that revival could come and turn this nation back to God, but realistically I think the Church age has just about run its coarse. It is time for the shout! Every ounce of our being yearns for the shout. Every prophet in the Bible lets us know that we are living in the last time. Even churches themselves fit the description of the Laodicea Church. We think we are rich and have need of nothing, when we have traded God's riches for the riches of this world.

  I believe it is wrong for us to withdraw into our little communes (churches). I believe it is wrong for us to remain silent while the liberal, sinful world grows stronger. I believe it is wrong for us to wish for the shout and not hear the cries of a hurting world. The din of the drums of a wicked world over whelms the sound of the Gospel, but that should not deter us. The mockers and scorners of Christ will not be silenced, but as they mock and scorn they talk of a saviour that occasionally one will say, "Maybe I will try Him." The faith of those who stand alone for Christ sometimes is the beacon that will cause others to see the truth.

  It is confusing to see so many variations of people who name the name of Jesus. (We must remember what Paul mentioned in Galatians....another Gospel.) It is even more confusing when we have to wade through a choice of Bibles and believe it or not each one is different, and generally the difference makes the difference.  I have made the investigator choice of the King James version, believing it to be the Word of God that will be used in the final judgments. If we don't have the truth, how can we be truly judged?

  Meanwhile I will stand for the doctrines and standards that were taught to me by faithful men. Those doctrines and standards have stood the tests of time and satanic enemies.
  Think of this, "If one person can cause so much havoc in our country, then perhaps God could use one person  also."


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