Head in The Sand

  After almost 70 years, I just had a new experience yesterday. One of my female Church members told me after the morning service that I had my head in the sand. Since that was a new experience and caught me completely off guard, I didn't know how to respond or it may be that I didn't know how to respond because my head is really in the sand. When I stammered a questioning reply as to what she meant, I could tell that she was extremely agitated, when she then said that I just needed to get my head out of the sand and walked away still steaming. Well what does a Pastor do with that kind of encounter. Maybe I'm having to ask that question, because my head is in the sand. Well I had two more services that day, one in a nursing home and of course the evening service, both of which the lady attended and our relationship was very awkward. I suppose if my head weren't in the sand, I would have made an appointment to seek further information as to why she feels my head is in the sand, but somehow I think that I had better let the stew simmer a little while. Not that I think the problem will go away on its own. Most of these type encounters do not just fade away but fester and only get worse. I think this situation is going to get worse.

  Obvously, I am bothered by this confrontation or you wouldn't be reading this article. There are a couple of things that this woman has been in disagreement with me before and because of her nature, has never held back from confronting me with. In the past, I have politely listened to her pointed opinions, because I felt she loved me and sometimes she was right in her opinions. But this time I did not detect her love for me. Instead I feel that her opinion of me has made a serious turn. Since my head is in the sand, I do not really know what has happened. I do know that for some time now she has had a problem with certain members of our Church who she feels are sinners and not as dedicated as she thinks they ought to be. She thinks that I ought to do something about these sinners and clean up things. She feels that I am responsible for attitudes, actions and habits of my sinning members. Our Church is a mess because we have so many members who are not up to par with what she feels they ought to be. She told another lady that if she could find another fundamental Baptist Church in the area she would move to it.

  For most of my ministry here in Macon I have seriously asked myself if there is something that I am supposed to do to get rid of sinners in my Church. I have prayed to God that he would use me to be what I should be as Pastor of this Church. I know that if I decided that it was my job to clean up my Church, there would be no one left including myself. If I wasn't on a person to person friendly basis with other preachers of similar Churches, I would have gotten discouraged a long time ago and left the ministry as a failure to be able to pastor a perfect Church.

  Of course, now that I have been informed that I have my head in the sand, I have a new investigation to follow. To what extent do I have my head in the sand. What am I blind to? I think that is the underlying meaning to "head in the sand." Can a preacher still hear the voice of God if his head is in the sand? If a Church member really believes the Pastor's head is in the sand, can they have any confidence that their preacher is still the man of God? Should they remain under his leadership? Maybe they should join the never dying club of Church members who would love to find a reason to get rid of the preacher. Maybe they should invent slanderous gossip toward all those who love their preacher and who respect his God given wisdom and grace. Maybe they should do a real Bible study on what we as Christians ought to do about fellow Christians who have faults. And I think they ought to do a real Bible study on what a Christian is supposed to do with the love of God when it comes to a Church. No I do not have my head in the sand when it comes to sin. I know what my Lord calls sin and I know what my Lord says to do with sinners.


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