Five Bucks a Gallon!

  For a person who remembers paying a dime for a gallon of gasoline, by hand pumping the gallon into a glass container that sat on top of the pumping apparatus, then draining it out into my container through a hose. By the time I was driving, gasoline was still less than a quarter a gallon. I would think nothing of stopping into a filling station for a couple of dollars worth of gasoline. Today you could barely make it off the filling station's parking lot with that little bit of fuel.

  I was watching two talking heads the other day as they were trying to determine whose fault it was that we are being gouged

  by with high gasoline prices. They finally agreed that it is the stock holders who gamble on the oil futures. In other words it is people who speculate on what the price of a drum of crude oil will be months from now. The stock market is the culprit. More and more buyers are showing up where these commodities are being offered, and the sellers are simply selling to the highest bidders. Poor fellows; are probably feeling so guilty that they don't have enough to satisfy the need.

  Of course they are not going to dig more wells. Of course they are not going to build more refineries. And of course they are going to support the Sierra Club in its battle against drilling in Alaska or Montana.
Meanwhile, Texans are inventing new measures to squeeze the last drops of oil out of the many underground sources that were long ago abandoned because of the saturated rock was a harder yield than the pools of pure crude.

  Am I naive? Am I chasing a dead rabbit? Take a minute. Look at this thing the way I am... Please!

  Who owns the actual sources of the produced oil today? The middle East. What do most of the middle eastern countries think of the USA and all Capitalistic nations?

  What major difference do the middle eastern countries have to the USA and developed countries? What do the majority of the middle eastern countries call the USA?
"The Great S _ _ _ _!" Anyone who really knows about the war in Iraq, knows that we defeated the Iraqis quite a while ago, or at least the Iraqis

  who were our enemies. Now we are fighting Arabs from most of the middle eastern countries who are bent on destroying the "Great S _ _ _ _!" The other part of this problem is that we are in cahoots with a tiny nation, that most of the middle eastern countries want to obliterate, Israel.

  Now lets get back to our original subject, gasoline prices. Is it unreasonable to think that if those Arabs hate us so much, and want to destroy us, that it would only be logical that they would make the price of their produced commodity as high as they possibly could in order to defeat us.

  Can you imagine how many MPG an army truck or tank gets. I remember reading about one of the major battles we had in Germany in WW2 where our troops were almost stranded in enemy territory, because they ran out of gas. Can you imagine General David Petraeus passing his helmet around collecting money from the troops for gasoline, then finding a service station in Iraq who would be willing to fill his tanks?

  Now can I interject one more facet of this confusing quandary. It is not actually Arabs that is the problem. It is their religion. Their religion hates Christians and it hates Jews equally. Summed up, it is my persuasion that gasoline will soon hit five dollars a gallon because Islam is using gasoline as a way to destroy the freedoms of a democratic world and more importantly, the Biblical precepts that have up to now formed our civilized world.

  Our only hope is God and His Holy Word. It proves Mohammed to be a bald faced liar and a nutcase. It proves that Islam is a violent pagan religion that utilizes innocent lives as fodder in its warfare. The Love of Jesus Christ stands in opposition to the Lusts of Islam.


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