The most commonly heard phrase or word that is being heard from the candidates is "Change." It is very interesting that none of the candidates have any substantial proposals as to what they are planning for change. They express disapproval with Bush's Iraq policy. It is getting more difficult for them to criticize Bush as things are substantially better than they were in Iraq. Anyone with brains knows that there will never be peace in the middle east until God makes it. I think that perhaps the only real change that will take place is that there will be a different fellow sitting in the Oval Office come next January. His office staff will probably be the same people that hovered around George Bush for the last eight years. Their daily duties and responsibilities will doubtless continue unchanged. They will continue to have the President sign similar papers every day.  They will schedule the daily routine of the President. They will determine his daily agenda.
  Perhaps we should be leery of a candidate that wants to change America. We have a wonderful history, America has experienced God's hand in its founding and in all its structure. It is the most envied nation in all the world. It has taken the position of being the mama to most of the other nations of the world. All other nations look to America for protection, provision and example. Many of them hate us because of our wealth. Many are trying to outdo us in some areas, like a little brother tries to outdo his older sibling sometimes.  People in America have more freedoms that any people on the earth.  We are free to work where we want to. We are free to go to Church where we want to. We are free to live where we want to. No other country has all these freedoms.  Would a changer take away any of those freedoms?  Would a changer put restrictions on any of those freedoms? Would a changer choose to favor any group or race in free America? Would a changer lower immigration policies further than they have already been lowered?  Would a changer take from the rich and give to the poor?  Would you be considered to be among the rich? The welfare agencies have already been hard at work taking anything they can get.
  One of the candidates was raised a Moslem and more recently was a member of a black power Christian Church; emphasis not on Christian. Which either of these men reach the Oval Office, there will be an affect upon the culture of America. I should have used the term change.
  How would a President go about changing America? Does he have some plan to thwart the power of the legislative branch of government? Congress and the Senate have always stood in the way of Presidential change. I clearly remember the administrations of Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush one, Clinton and Bush two. All of these men faced the slow moving congress and were in turn slowed. Well Kennedy got away with quite a bit with his eyes on the moon. NASA has now lost its vision that Kennedy inspired. It is a confused political machine in which most of its astronauts are frightened pawns.
  It would be foolish for us as Americans to allow someone with absolute power to change America to change America without letting us know what he is going to change and how he is going to do it.
  With only two choices, we may be in for trouble for the next four years. Only time will tell.
  The possible result of what could happen to our beautiful land, is that America could be driven to its knees seeking God's help. Or at least fervent Christians might rise up and make their voices heard.


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