Off and Running

It looks like the presidential campaign of 2008 has made a very serious turn.  The Democrats have been secretly proud of the fact that they have chosen a black man to head their ticket. They really show displeasure if any of the opposing parties even half way bring race into the picture, but at the same time highlight the fact themselves. It really shouldn't be noticed anyhow if we live in a desegregated society.  I really think that the color will color the campaign no matter how much everyone tries not to color the campaign.  Now John McCain has up and chosen a woman to be his running mate. I am sure he did it because he was looking for the best person that would qualify as a vice president, yeah! Right! At any rate, the race just got  tight as a knot and  the media are stumbling over themselves trying to do what they can to attain some kind of superiority and control of the situation. They're not comfortable if they don't feel that they somehow hold the reins of newsworthy events.

   The teams of Barack & Joe and John & Sarah will now face each other and begin with a short span of trying to avoid negative campaign tactics. It will not be long before every bit of dirt that can be dug up and changed to mud, will be being used to gain advantage.

  We as believers of Christ and His Word, should do everything within our power to put elected politicians into office that will best support truth.  For some reason Christians have been made to believe that we have no right to be active in the election processes. As a result of that lie, we now have anti-God elements within the government of America. Contrary to popular thought , this was not the intent of the original founders of  America nor the obvious will of God.  God's hand was and is in every aspect of the founding and propagation of our country, but the further we turn away from Him the sooner His blessings will be removed.

  The first thing of importance is the spiritual standing of the candidates. Again today it is very difficult to get politicians to admit their personal faith in Jesus Christ.  The atrocious idea that State should not show evidence of Church has damaged the courage of public officials to be public of their faith if they have any.  But we as voters can put forth a little extra effort to really listen to what the politicians say and do.

  Secondly, many of the political issues are actual spiritual issues. The abortion industry has tried to make abortion a political issue, but it is a spiritual issue.  What is at stake is not for women to have rights, but for humans to have life. Abortion is not the removal of fetal tissue, but the murder of babies.

  Marriage has suddenly become a political issue. Unbelievably the perverts of our world have become so powerful that they have buffaloed the politicians to allow them to indulge in their abominable practices. God's plan for marriage is the legal and physical union between one man and one woman.  Our society has left that plan long ago and is headed for destruction. We must do what we can to stand for purity. Children are already the next targets of the perverts.

  The Constitutional freedoms of Americans are being tested as we are becoming indebted to the world economy. Our national leaders are being courted by higher powers and some of them are showing signs of leaning to a world view. God's Word has told us that world consolidation will be the final outcome of a world set for judgment.

  Do what we can to keep our nation on the right track, but trust the Lord to be the one ultimately in charge of our world's course.

The best thing we can do individually is to make sure that our heart is truly right with God. Then feel the responsibility of seeking God's face on behalf of our land and its leaders.


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