David had referenced God as being like a father only three times in the book of Psalms. Nobody else did anything close to that in the Old Testament. In the beatitudes of Matthew Jesus spoke of God as, "Your Father in Heaven." and when the disciples asked Him to teach them to pray, He opened that prayer with, "Our Father." Other than those instances, the concept of God being as our Father is really beyond the concept of anyone who has a concept of God.

  Jesus Christ is the one that actually introduced the ability of approaching God as our Father. That is the only term He used when he went to God in prayer or intercession. The only time when He cried to God as God was when he was on the cross.

  In order to remove any possibility of everyone being free to address God as father, Jesus shows that not everyone is the child of God but are more than likely the children of the devil. See for yourself in John 8:44. Human beings are void of the life of God and thus estranged from God because of their sinful nature. The second birth changes that and not only returns life but also enables access to a Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.

  When Jesus opened that door, he introduced God as Father. The word father refers to a combination of progenitor and provider. A father has a perceived authority that is accessible and compassionate.

  Our Heavenly Father has allowed us to see him not only as the Supreme creator and all powerful deity but also as a loving caretaker.

  That unique privilege will not be taken for granted by we who truly have the spirit of God.

  Now we need to look at Hebrews 4:16 which invites us to come to the throne of God with boldness. Jesus has made it possible for us to enter the throne room of God, just like a little five year old son of a king. We have been adopted, we are children of the king.

  Next we will look at Romans 8:15 and Galatians 4:6. Both of these verses leave us with no doubt as to what Jesus did in opening our free access to God, our creator and our Abba Father.

  In your earliest memories, by what name did you address your father.

  Many people were brought up using the name father, even from very early ages, yet their conception of that father was very warm and congenial.

  Most of us in the English language grew up referring to our father as, "Daddy." I had a unique opportunity of spending some time in Ethiopia several years ago.

  While there and living out among the Ethiopians I was able to observe them in all walks of life. I remember distinctly one occasion while sitting in the house of an Ethiopian who had several small children.

  One of those small children came running into the room crying, "Abba, abba, abba." He was excited about something and was wanting his daddy's attention. I had gotten to hear firsthand the Shematic version of the Bible term of how we can address God.

  Obviously we would not do so carelessly,

  nor flippantly, but God allows us through the Holy Spirit to address Him as Heavenly Daddy. The only reason I state this is to prove that God loves nothing dearer than for us who know Him personally, through Christ, to come unto him in full faith and assurance that he wants to be a real father to us.

  His greatest desire all through scripture is that we will be His people, and He will be our God and He will be able to dwell among us. Wow!

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