The World of Islam

  I have just watched a video that has been produced to make Americans wake up to the threat of Islam terrorism. Part of it is compared to the rise of Nazism in the thirties and forties and the comparison is frightening.  What is worse is that Nazism is remembered as determined to extinguish the Jewish race, while Islam terrorists has a much wider goal; the eradication of Israel and the Western world.
  The sad story is that just as the media tried to play down the Nazi spread, the media is playing down the actual threat of Islam terrorism that is now pretty well dominating 55 countries in the world and is the fastest growing religion in most other civilized nations of the world. If Christians don't wake up and stand up we are shortly going to be in serious trouble. Though some of the Islam leaders are trying to reassure us that only a segment of their religion are violent they are doing very little themselves to deal with the terrorists. The truth is that the so called militant extremists are also referred to as fundamentalists. The word fundamentalist is a good word in that it describes to someone who strictly adheres to authority in a religion. The Koran is their authority as the Bible is the authority of the fundamental Christians. The world doesn't like either one of us, so we both are being ignored. Christians labor on in their faith winning souls one by one through faith. The Islam fundamentalists are conquering cities and nations by fear and force, taking innocent lives in their wake. The enemy has declared war and have opened skirmishes in a large variety of ways.  They say they will raise the Islam flag over the U.S. Capitol, over the British Parliament and will eradicate the Jewish state.  Someday an Imam or high ranking Moslem will be in the office of president of the U.S. and Prime Minister of Britain.
  The problem is that we don't have a defined battle field. They use Islam schools, public venues, Mosques and even the internet to recruit followers. I saw recorded meetings where thousands were gathered and the speakers were declaring jihad against us.  Some of the speakers were Islam Imams and some were politicians. One group was meeting on a street in London.  According to the video, within weeks of the New York attack, Islam had persuaded American academia and American media that we got what we deserved, because of our horrible treatment of the Arabic peoples. When asked, "What kind of horrible treatment?" the answer is given in generalities. Many Americans are fully persuaded that we must somehow pay for our misdeeds.  One needs to realize that the problem is that the Islam world cannot function with freedom for the individual. Women would be free, children would be free and the average man would be free from religious domination. The only way Islam can get converts is somebody wants to domineer somebody else. If you can get enough domineers in a community, then Islam will catch hold and subjection becomes the rule of the day.
  Our only hope is effective evangelism.  Islam does not hold a candle to the light of the Gospel. The freedoms that Jesus gives is a far greater desire than the domination promises of Islam.  There is no truth in the Koran; the Bible is truth! The Word of God is composed by the Scriptures of the Bible. Mohammed was driven by fleshly motivations and  false hopes of eternity. There is no salvation, no saviour and no security of the soul in Islam. Empty promise with no proof or logic. People who die under Islam will die in their sins, because they do not acknowledge the Son of God.

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