While You Feel Like It

Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth. Ecclesiastes 12:1

Solomon was allowed by God to write down some pretty disparaging thoughts in the little book of Ecclesiastes. He did not hold any punches and didn't spiritualize much. But what God was using him to do was to awaken the readers to the most important aspect of our lives, "the ultimate God." In Chapter 12, he really puts things into perspective. The verse portion quoted above opens up the absolute that we are on a definite journey through life. That journey will end eventually when the tabernacle that we have been given will give up the ghost. None of us know the day or the hour. I have several times walked away from a conversation with someone personally or by phone and a short time later received news that that same person had vacated his body and gone to his reward. Many times it is a shock because there was no indication that death was so near.
  Anyway, the verse above encourages us to take advantage of the present, especially if we still feel young. Anyone who has passed the age of fifty can attest that the body begins to deteriorate, the eyes fading and the muscles weakening etc., but we still have vitality to serve the Lord and to make a valuable mark in the world.  Many of the great achievers of humanity achieved their peak after 50 years of age. Paul said to Timothy that he should let no one despise his youth, so we have a good time span within which we can serve a purpose, the best being how we serve the Lord.

  Another word in the verse above that needs a note is the word, "creator."  The significance is that we are a creation that has been created by a creator. Therefore if we remember that we have a creator, then our priority is to fulfill the purpose we were created for. Only our creator can tell us what we were created for and He has given us an instruction book and an internal guide, available through Jesus Christ. It must be obvious that if He wants us to remember Him in our youth then we should get right on it. There is no sadder testimony than to hear an old man or woman state that they had a call from God when they were young, but rejected or misused it.
There is no limit as to what a creator can do with one of His creations.  A thinking person would naturally conclude that every one of God's creations eventually fit into the will of God somehow. How else would a city operate. You have to have a mayor, you have to have policemen, you have to have utility workers, you have to have mailmen, you have to have judges.  Ultimately God forms a city and all its necessary ingredients. Important!! This fact has nothing to do with eternity and Heaven.  Except a man be born again, he cannot enter Heaven. No one comes to God except through Jesus. A judge appointed by God to be a judge will still die and go to hell if he never accepts Jesus Christ as his personal saviour.

  Finally, we should take the last few lines of this article and look at the word, "remember."

  Remember now. We should promptly remember our creator. We should pre-eminently remember our creator. We should prioritize the remembering of our creator. Remembering our creator in the days of our youth, means that we will be on the right tract. It also means that we will be less likely to waste our existence on trivial matters, or much worse on ungodly matters.
  It is great to remember our creator after the days of our youth has passed. He is a wonderful companion along the way.


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