Not a Fairy Tale

  Once upon a time there was a country that was made up of people from all over the world. Within its boundaries one could find forests, glens, wide open fields, mountains, rivers and even a little bit of desert. It was a paradise. The people who came there from all over the world were determined to make this new country unlike any other country in the world; it was going to be founded upon liberties for each citizen. While other countries in the world rose and fell under various schemes, this country prospered. For the most part, its citizens knew they were being blessed by a true and living God. They had watched other nations fall being duped by Trotsky's, Lenin's, Stalins' and Hitlers'. Many times the citizens of this new country would have to stand up against the philosophies of these despots. They could not forget what had happened to make those countries collapse. They tried to teach their children the fallacies of those philosophies. But gradually, the new nation began to forget what they had witnessed. Their schools stopped teaching true history and began to teach children that parts of the philosophy of those despots would be wonderful for their own country. They also began to be taught things that a Holy God would condemn. Instead of true history, little children were being persuaded that it is ok to have two mothers or two fathers in a family. They were taught that the taking of innocent human life wasn't murder if that innocent human life wasn't wanted. They were taught that they had evolved from the animal world and they were ok if they acted like animals.
  This country was built and maintained by an amazing process. Anyone could pursue his own happiness or prosperity. If he or she came up with an idea of making money, they were free to follow their dream, hiring others to help them reach their goals. The more their business prospered the more workers they could hire and the better wages they could pay. Each participant prospered according to their individual efforts.  There was only one problem.  The people of that country had formed a government based on the Word of God and had trusted God to bless their country. The problem was that the formed government grew steadily and allowed element of the citizenship to alter its original purposes. The government looked at the prosperous business owners and the prosperous workers and began to make its own laws to regulate both. At the same time the environment that developed encouraged some of the workers to devise ways and excuses to share in the prosperity of the business owners and the prosperous workers without working. At first the reasons were legitimate, but did not take long to adopt ludicrous plans to get their hands on that profit. Organizations, banks and Streets were formed to make ways of getting hold of a portion of the wealth that the business owners and workers were enjoying. Slowly but surely soon there were more shirkers than there were workers. There were so many who were not willing to work, but were always ready to get their hands on more of the wealth of the prosperous. Meanwhile the government continued in its quest of autonomous power and realized its possibilities in appealing to the shirkers. Eventually a man who had an uncanny view of how the governmental system worked, having profited himself from that system, rose up and desired to be leader of that country. His promise was that he would change that country, getting rid of the historic successes and promises of blessings from God. This man said that he would bring prosperity to everyone much like Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin and some others had promised before.


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