Here We Go Again


  For the past few days, Israel has been pounding the Gaza area that the World body made them give the Palestinians a few years ago. The reason for the pounding is that Hamas rocket launchers have been sending military rockets into Israel from the Gaza strip. Imagine that. The Palestinians who are wanting their independence from Israel and to be recognized as a nation feel their best way to do that is to continue bombarding Israel with those rockets and human bombs. The Palestinians who are migrants from Jordan, have been the thorn in the flesh for Israel since 1948. They were nomad sheep herders who had no home nor desire to create a nation. But when Jews returned to their natural homeland and began developing it into arable land, the Palestinians, just like Lot, 4100 years  before, looked on and chose the well watered plain. In these 60 years they have persuaded and convinced much of the world that they deserve what they have gained by violence.
  As I am writing this article, the news reports are showing how Israeli planes are picking out military targets at the best of their ability.  The problem is that the military targets have been put next to neighborhoods, schools, hospitals and other places where the citizenry are found.  The Hamas officials make it a practice to keep children in their proximity to insure innocent loss of life in the Israeli attacks.  It is just a matter of time when the world will begin to cry "overkill" and will begin to chide Israel. The focus will be shifted away from the Hamas attacks that continue and will center on Israel. The world will then insist that Israel concede something to end the current conflict and we will start the vicious cycle again... unless!
  There is a good Biblical chance that this could be the beginning of something big. Israel has to do something to raise the ire of virtually the whole world. She has to lose all human support for her strengths and provisions. She has to be brought to her knees and to realize that God is her strength and provider. Much of that will be done in a time period of 7 years set aside in God's word and referred to as the 7 year tribulation. It is highly likely that the groundwork will have to be laid before that final conflagration takes place. Even though it seems that the USA is Israel's largest and most faithful benefactor in our current world, most Christians realize that that relationship could change overnight. Some major politician could step up and start a movement to change that relationship. Israel could take a step out of favor with the USA, or God could cripple the USA into a helpless nation unable to come to Israel's defense.
Surely the present escalated  conflict will add to the scenario that I have described at least.
  One thing that surely must happen is that mount Moriah there in Jerusalem is the site where God's Temple will be found at least by mid point of the 7 year tribulation. The obstacle is a huge domed building that belongs to the Moslem religion now occupies the very spot where the Temple is supposed to be. If the Jews tear down the domed mosque, then the whole Moslem world would instantly rise up in outright physical attack against Israel. If anyone else meddles with an exchange of buildings, there would only be havoc. But if an Arab or Palestinian rocket blew the domed building to smithereens then the Jews would have adequate excuse to bring in their prepared materials and construct God's Temple almost overnight.  This scenario may seem to be fantasy or impossible, but we need to realize that God is ultimately behind and on schedule in bringing His chosen people to a place where they will depend upon Him and Him alone.

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