Two Books to Rule the Land

  America was founded upon the principles of the Word of God. All of the original documents express that sentiment.
Out of the Bible, the founders of our nation designed the United States Constitution.  Those of us who know the Bible can clearly see how that Constitution had its roots in the Bible. One only has to do a little research to find out that the Connecticut State Constitution became the model for the United States Constitution.  Check out the primary author of the Connecticut document, Rev. Thomas Hooker.
  The important thing to realize that if God's Word played an important part in the founding of our nations laws, then God was no doubt involved in the development of America. We may have freedom of religion, but we are not free from religion. Since God is alive and real, we don't have any choice but to accept Him or reject Him, there is no middle ground.
  Most of us who have lived for near half a century, knows that America has survived because of the overwhelming majority of its population's belief in a living God. It is true that the majority are not born again Christians, because Christianity is not passed down generation to generation, but is up to each individual to receive Christ individually. All of our statutes and laws have had a base in the Word of God up to the present generation.
  Subtle changes are being made, mostly because our faith in a true and living God is dwindling as a nation. We have been blindly led by facets of our culture who have rejected God and His Word. Example in the 1960's prayer was taken out of our schools, baby murderers became legal, and sexual perverts rose to powerful influence in government circles. More and more marriages failed because of infidelity and children became wards of the state.
  Since Christianity is waning in America and America is welcoming false religions, things are getting out of hand. The Bible has been duplicated with corrupt versions, the constitution is being subtly attacked.  The Supreme Court has assumed that it has the right to interpret the Constitution in accord to popular opinion, political correctness, and even  in accord to European cultures.
  It seems that the average American has no grasp of what the freedoms are that are guaranteed by the Constitution.. The gays are demanding more and more, abortionists are demanding more and more, freedom of speech is threatened by so called hate speech laws, America's freedoms of gun ownership is being currently threatened by lobbyists and politicians who are uncomfortable with each individual's ownership of a firearm.
  I hate to open the door of discussion about America's greatest threat.  Commonly called "tree huggers" but, now include many more zany, weirdoes.  People are being sucked into membership with an innumerable set of protectionists. From whales to big eared field mice, from oil reserves to mother earth herself with the guise of protection of nature, mankind is being manhandled by new laws that are said to protect animal life and the environment but are rooted in strange religions that worship four footed beasts and creeping things.
  America's official denial of the authority of a true and living God and the ignoring of Constitutional laws is beginning to cause havoc in our modern world. It may not be possible to return as a nation, without God exerting his supremacy.
All we can do is continue to look up for redemption.


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