Who Am I at a Time Like This?

  Do you feel powerless at the way the world is headed.  It seems that time itself is increasing its speed.  We don't have enough time in a day to accomplish all we need to accomplish. We are having to leave some things of less importance undone, in order to get what things we think important done. We hear that our congress is putting our grandchildren into deep debt, and they are! Yet we feel powerless to do anything about it. It seems that we don't have a political choice any more, because both parties are involved in these so called bail outs.  The politicians seem to be lying to us when they say they are helping the economy. They are lying! Yet what can we do?  New politicians step up with promises of cleaning up Jefferson City and Washington, but before we know it they have joined status quo and are spending your money on frivolous imaginations and themselves.
  Immorality and debauchery have pretty well taken over the airwaves of our radios and televisions.  Infidelity in marriage has become the major theme of our country music. We have found out that heavy metal is just somebody who is beating the tar out of a cabinet full of pots and pans.  The media is desperately trying to convince us that we are O.K. and we know better than that. Now there is not only bird flu, Asian flu  and chicken flu but also pig flu. Should we stop eating bacon and sausage? What will they think of next? We are at the mercy of the next newspaper editorial or the six o'clock news.  I cringe when I see some young person with jewelry poked into the outside of their nose, or their bottom lip.... or their tongue.  Doesn't that hurt? How do you eat, without dribbling? That body has to last a long time! Take it from somebody who has travelled that road.
  Talk about confusion and inconvenience.  Politicians are afraid of the yelling, screaming voices that they hear outside the doors of their offices in Jefferson City and Washington, so they are dodging the necessity of  settling the question of who can marry who.  The perverts are screaming loudest, so they are getting laws passed to permit their perversions. I wonder what the politicians will do when the next crowd of perverts step up to their doors?  I am talking about the perverts who want our kids and grandkids!  Are you aware that child pornography is one of the most lucrative businesses in our world today?  The only sound that you hear coming from Washington is, "How can we tax it?" Private organizations are the only ones who are truly exposing the participants?
  Again, I pose the questions, "What am I in this crazy world?" What can I do to fix these multifarious maladies of my generation?"
   Every individual; that means you and me, must take stock of their own life.  Are we doing things or reasoning along with what is going on in error?  Are we trying to hide our heads in the sand?  Are we wishing the rapture would hurry up? Each of these previous scenarios are not helping the world's condition.
  We must step up to the plate of responsibility. Speak up when the opportunity avails. Whether in a crowd or a personal conversation.  Call your senator or the White House comment line 202-456-1111.  Make sure your local politicians are voting correctly on major and minor issues that  will affect your world.  It has been stated and proven often that one phone call has influenced a politician to vote on an issue and that one vote was what turned the tide of a state  and even the government itself.


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