Have We Gambled and Lost?

  It is obvious that the economy literally runs this country as well as the world.  Presidents rise and fall on how they handle the economy. They still fail if they try to ignore this aspect of their administration.
  Much of America's strength was gained because we were an industrious nation. People came from all parts of this world to achieve the American dream. The wealth of the nation was based upon entrepreneurs  who started their own business and began producing  goods that they invented or saw that their neighbors needed. For two hundred years we grew to be one of the main sources for household appliances, transportation contrivances and leisure products.  Copy cats popped up in other nations but could not match the quality of "American Made!"
  Many of those small neighborhood businesses became so successful that they became major corporations. Unions formed to supposedly protect the employees, but quickly became machines that put pressures on the corporate world to share more and more of their profits with the employees. The employees worked their way into profit sharing positions and equal opportunity.
  Soon the corporations began to look elsewhere for a work force. Foreign factories who couldn't match the quality became available to corporate invasion. American big business bought out the factories and hired the foreign workers, training them to improve their quality.
  Meanwhile the American workers graduated from their profit sharing to stock owning partners.  They were encouraged to invest in the foreign enterprises while they themselves wanted more for the hours they worked and less hours to work. They could put in a four day week, have leisure time and more time to search for better investments. The stock market found avenues into the living rooms of potential investors. A person could sit at his or her computer and make millions through investing in bull market opportunities. Much of the business world gets its capital from stock market investors.  Some of those businesses are solid and capable of assuring profit in their ventures.  Many of the investment opportunities are however, simply put, no different that a Las Vegas gambling casino. No different than a lottery system. A investor is taking a slim chance of making it big or losing everything.  Manipulators are taking over the stock markets of the world. They have discovered the greed of the average human who wants something for nothing.
  Depending on your convictions and spiritual wisdom, you may realize that our own government is right now becoming one of the major manipulators of the economical stock markets of our own nation.  It didn't start with Obama, but he is well qualified to use the system to get what he wants. Now he is in position to do just about anything he wants to do.  He has a partial congress and house to back him.  He still has the media enamored and blind to his socialistic agenda. Well maybe they are not blinded; they may be complicit.
  At any rate, it really looks to me that America has become a gambling nation and we may have just lost our shirts. There are no factories to work in where we can recover our budgets. There are not enough McDonalds and Burger Kings to hire all those jobless Americans.
  The bull markets of the world have suddenly transformed into grizzly bear markets and Americans have no place to turn. 

Well maybe they could turn to God.

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