How Did We Get Here Anyhow?

  Perhaps the most important issue that we face is found in the title of this article. Our very existence leads us to want to know how we got here.  This is the second question of philosophy. Man has come up with two basic answers to that question. The one is accidental and the other is planned. The greater majority tells us that we are here by mere chance, the strong over riding voice of the slight minority believes we are here by choice; God's choice. It is very important to make a decision somewhere in a mature moment.  Those who follow the idea that we came here by some sort of accident can never be satisfied of knowing why we are here and most importantly where they are going. They are very susceptible to any whimsical proposal of our originations. The most popular right now is that space creatures deposited our ancestors and left us to survive on this formidable planet. Most rely upon the time held, (not time tested) theory that we all evolved from lower forms of life. Lightning struck some primordial soup and lo a single celled creature was formed. Of course this theory doesn't really match reality because it raises many more questions than it answers and there are no links between species. Everything brings forth of its own kind.
  It is pretty safe to say that the majority of those who decide on the accidental origination theories are basically anti-God. They just refuse to believe that there can be a higher intelligence or especially a personal God.
  Obviously, the writer of this article has chosen the planned creation model of how we got here. Any intelligent human will acknowledge higher intelligence. As dumb as we humans are, there has to be someone more intelligent than we are and that someone is not bound to the habitable earth. The Bible has long ago earned the reputation of being the most reliable instruction book for mankind. It tells us it was inspired and it has proven to be inspired with countless fulfilled prophesies and is correct with any true science. No other such book exists! The Bible tells us that God created the heavens and the earth. That earth was without form and void. Immediately God divided the light from the darkness and began to make the earth habitable. Every passage that references that creation proves that God did what he did in 7 twenty four hour days.  People who want to limit the power of an almighty God cannot understand how God could do that. We who know an omnipotent God realize that He can do everything He said from nothing.  The following is an old joke among Christian ranks, but does a great job of illustrating God's creative powers:
  When God finished with Adam, Satan challenged God that he could do that job as well.  So God took him up on the challenge.
Satan went over to the stream and started to reach down for some mud. God stopped him and said, "Get your own mud!"
  This book of instructions has a major theme. This theme is a future and eternal existence.  This life is not all there is.  So then it would be wise for people to believe the book and take the necessary steps to find and obtain this eternal existence. The book tells us that we have come short of what God expects us to be. That disparity is called sin and separates us from God and all that He has in store for His creation.
  If there is the slightest possibility that we all got here by accident then we will all die and cease to exist. Who cares?  But, Since we are created beings then maybe we should obey the book and allow our creator to finish His original intentions for His creation. The book is clear that all this can be done through Jesus Christ and only through Jesus Christ. There is none other name in heaven, given among men, whereby ye must be saved.


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