Why Can't They See the Handwriting

While we as Christians have complete faith and confidence in the prophecy of the Word of God and actually have a hold on the current events in light of God's future plans, the world seems to have no clue as to what is going on in eternal terms. The Bible gives a detailed description of the history of mankind from its creation through the fourth world empire.  That description is so inclusive that, the introduction of the coming future empires leaves no doubt of authenticity.  Preachers and Christians have made those prophecies so much a part of conversation, the world has picked up on part of it.  Just about anyone in the civilized world has a vague idea of "666." The term antichrist is pretty well known and the 7 year tribulation. However when it comes to any clarity, the world fails.  The Roman empire broke into two parts (legs) then ultimately ten toes. Christians make the connection; the world doesn't get it.  The numbering plan of the antichrist has had an introduction of possibility back in 1943 with the Social Security. President Roosevelt probably had no plan to set up a plan that could and probably will easily meld into the "666" system. The world still does not see the connection.  Meanwhile, governments of most civilized nations that had any semblance to free nations, have slowly come under absolute dominance. Since last January, America seems to be a potential for absolute dominance and everything from liberal churches to major TV networks seem to support the change.
  Of course the world's ignorance of spiritual truth goes far deeper and more dangerous.  Our eternity depends upon whether or not Jesus Christ is really who He says He is. Again the Bible rises to the occasion with its accurate recording of historical events, before they became current events. This book explained the coming and cause of Jesus Christ. This book give a detailed definition of what we must do to be saved. A few read or hear those words and respond with an affirmative yes. The many hear and soundly reject the story of the Christ. They choose man made religions.  They depend upon their own reasoning.  They allow themselves to be influenced by general opinions. 
  It is astounding, that a person can be an agnostic concerning the Word of God, denouncing the major doctrines of the scripture, yet when he or she responds to the invitation of Jesus, will simultaneously do a complete reversal and cast themselves into the faith of Jesus Christ and all that He said and does.  The Bible calls that the new birth of a new creature. The heart becomes illuminated with truth. That which was once ridiculed as fantasy is now irrefutable truth. The natural man cannot see the truth, but the spiritual man discerns reality.
  This is why we Christians are so baffled at the world's ignorance of the obvious. The Bible is inspired truth, Jesus is the truth. For some reason, the general public just cannot get it.  We show them fulfilled prophecy of the past, we point to current signs that reveal the accuracy of biblical prophesy and the world brushes it aside or tries to counter point with human reasoning.
  World history and geography prove that where Christ has gone, civilization (neighbors being civil to each other.) has gone.  Any religion that counterfeits the real Christ doesn't count; with the false religion, Catholicism, leading the pack.
  So, why is it that when the truths of God are so obvious and the faith of Jesus Christ is so plain, the world cannot see the handwriting on the wall?
  Second Corinthians 4:4 says that the god of this world has blinded them against the truth. Knowing this makes us realize that we need the power of God to overcome that other god.


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